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Review date: 28-Dec-2014 10:00. What, it’s holiday season and you are feeling a bit lonely? Or perhaps you just want to escape the holiday mess and enjoy a hot adventure with a sexy dude from your area? To make things worse, Grindr is not really working for you? How about you try Stunr here, a fun and growing place for gay dudes from all over the world to meet new people for pretty much anything – but mostly sex!

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Intro promises:
Don't you hate the holidays? Every possible place is packed with people, shoppers are going insane, and you inevitably end up asking yourself what the hell is going on. If you are into hot adventures with sexy guys, maybe it’s time to escape all the fuss and hook up with a willing dude in your area and just enjoy yourselves as the world is going crazy around you? There are quite a few gay dating and hookup sites out there. You are probably on Grindr already, aren’t you. But sometimes popular, more established sites just don’t work for you. We feel in this case a new, hungry and up and coming gay dating platform is the way to go. Like Stunr here. It’s a cool new site meant to make hooking up with eager gay dudes in your area as easy and safe as possible. The site is new, so you will not end up seeing all the same faces like on other sites. Stunr has a tour that offers a neat and catchy explanation of how site works, what its basic features are, and what you can expect to get. Looks like Stunr is just as good as more popular sites, if not better! Geo-specific browsing, privacy settings, member verification, they seem to have the whole shebang. Let us just get an account and see what the deal is all about here.

What is it that you are looking for in a gay hookup and dating site? We would say it’s something like a combination of good selection of men, local dating options, and a safe environment. Of course, there are other things, but for us, this is what it begins with. Stunr seems to have it all. Oh and did we mention it’s important to be able to use it on the go? These days you don’t need to be on your desktop computer all the time. Stunr is full mobile-friendly, and it works like a charm on both your tablet and phone. Stunr has a relaxed, easy-going atmosphere. Signing up is easy, and you get to choose between plenty of features and options to make your profile stand out. You can also make it private so only those you added as friends can see it. They say there’s an anti-fraud department working 24/7 to make sure your Stunr is as safe and enjoyable as possible. Of course you should always use your best judgment, but it’s nice to know somebody’s out there for you. Stunr seems to have thousands of active verified profiles right now, and it will be useful in most areas of the country. You can use geo-specific browsing and combine it with browsing by interests. Imagine being able to find all the hot single hunks in your area who are food fans or fashion freaks or whatever else. Stunr is pretty cool!

Set up your next steamy adventure with a hot hunk, a twink or maybe a bear. Or pretty much anybody else! Stunr is a great place for safe and hassle-free gay dating in your area. Thousands of active and verified members with photos, browsing by interests, advanced privacy settings, these are only a few good things about Stunr. Could be the next big thing in online gay dating! See Stunr now.

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