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Subby Girls

Subby Girls

Review date: 17-Jul-2013 12:01. Do you like submissive girls who cannot live a day without pleasing their female owners in just about every way imaginable? Subby Girls is an all-new site dedicated entirely to girl on girl domination that is kinky and sexy just in the right proportions. The site has an amateur underground feel to it – and yet offers videos up to 1080p HD and nice-looking pictures. Give it a look now!

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Subby Girls

Intro promises:
If you have been looking for girl on girl domination erotica that would feel authentic and not commercialized and the girls would look like real life tops and subs, we got great news for you right here. Also, aren’t you tired of all these super polished sites that hide the mediocrity of their content behind flashy design and all sorts of tricks and gimmicks? If you are, the news we have are just getting better. Subby Girls is a brand new site that hit the web very recently, and we feel fans of authentic femdom erotica will love it. Thing is, the site has a homely, underground feel as if all these videos feature real girls from the area. The site doesn’t have this overproduced feeling at all. It all starts in the tour where you see tons of preview episodes along with a whole bunch of helpful links and other interesting info. Subby Girls specializes in mild girl on girl femdom that doesn’t pretend to look extreme or too rough. Instead, the episodes capture the chemistry between subby girls acting as pets and their sexy female owners just enjoying each other at home. You have no idea how much hot power play can take place without having to go deep into a dungeon of some sort! See the tour and you’ll fall in love with Subby Girls and all its beautiful young ladies immediately. The site has a warm, basic, very easy to use design. It’s great they decided to focus on the videos and your actual viewing experience but not on the flashy looks. Let’s get in and see more!

This is only getting better! Subby Girls is all about real life situations where girls with a dominating side hook up with girls with a sub side – and the two (or sometimes more) just have a good time. It’s all about real electricity between the young, sexually adventurous ladies. Forget about all these fake outfits and pretend domination and fake obedience and what not. Subby Girls offers a great experience that becomes possible due to understated design and very authentic in-house content. The site is still young and growing, so there are only a few dozen episodes here. Still, they are just outstanding. The video quality goes all the way up to 1080p HD MP4. The photos look great in fullscreen as well. Although the content does have an amateurish feel to it, it’s only about real, not about lower quality. Expect to see all sorts of worship, femdom pussy eating, foot worship, facesitting, a fair share of sexy restraints, and just about anything you can imagine two real life girls do in the privacy of their own place. Provided one of them is a top and the other is a sub, of course. Subby Girls is not overly commercialized at all and feels like a fan product. You can check out the site’s Clip4Sale store for more amazing in-house femdom videos. All in all, Subby Girls is everything a femdom site geared towards real should be.

Subby Girls offers an understated look, great in-house downloadable content, new girls and new episodes each week, and complete mobile friendliness. The site has an outstanding feeling of real. Avoiding all these silly-looking outfits and pretend domination, Subby Girls focuses on real life chemistry between young girls exploring their dominating and submissive sites. You can imagine girls you know doing that, and this is a glorious feeling. This is what all sites should be like, check it out now!

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