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Subby Hubby

Subby Hubby

Review date: 22-Feb-2012 18:42. Some wives and girlfriends are so beautiful you would take any kind of abuse from them. See Subby Hubby for truly shocking scenes of cuckolding, humiliation, bisexual sex slavery and what not, administered by powerful women to their eager boyfriends and husbands. The things these bitchy women come up with, it’s outrageous! Outrageous and highly pleasurable for both parties...

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Subby Hubby

Intro promises:
How much would you let your wife or girlfriend do if you were one of those men who get off on being submissive and can think of nothing better than kneeling in front of your lady – both literally and metaphorically? Would you let her bring around lovers of both sexes and make you watch as she fucks them – and sometimes not even watch but get involved and even lick some stranger stud’s cum off her pussy? If this is the kind of thing which could be a turn on for you, we suggest that you check out Subby Hubby here. The site is a really intense trip through everything cuckolding and femdom related. The site is really new, as most sites which we review here are, so we hurried to tell you all about it. Your inner sissy boy should be happy because this seems to be quite a chunk of steamy material to chew on. The site has a plain authentic-looking design with lots of video samples made available. The tour gives you a great picture of what kind of content you will see inside, and what kind of women you will see dishing out all sorts of degrading orders. The site’s tour gives a European feel to the entire thing – or perhaps we think so because many attention-worthy sites in subtle niches like CFNM or cuckolding come from Europe and the UK. Whatever it is, we’re getting inside!

Looks like your inner cuck and sissy boy should be really happy. Subby Hubby is a brand new site with a solid selection of material available already. There are several dozen episodes in the member area, and as long as the site feels like a quality product, there will be regular updates for sure. Subby Hubby seems to have everything done right. The guys are treating the very subtle subject matter with understanding of the niche – and respect, too. We really liked how diverse the stories are, featuring gorgeous, sexy, power-loving women giving their partners or just strange interested men a real hard time. Mostly set in high society homes, the episodes feature it all from blackmail and manipulation to small penis humiliation, forced feminization and what not. Many stories include bisexual sex action of some sort, like the cuck forced to suck his wife’s lover’s dick, or lick it as it pounds away at his wife’s gorgeous pussy. Whatever the plot of the episode is, everything is filmed with utmost authenticity, terrific artistic performance and plenty of creativity in just about everything. It’s difficult to tackle a subject as refined and complicated as femdom and cuckolding brought together, but Subby Hubby seems to have done it right. The site has a model catalog, and you should see how beautiful and demanding these women are, you just want to throw yourself to their feet immediately.

Subby Hubby is dedicated to quite an extreme form of cuckolding which includes wives and girlfriends bringing lovers of both sexes around, having sex with them and making the cuck get involved – sometimes in a totally degrading fashion. The full length videos available without any limits to site members are as authentic and blood-boiling as possible. Highly recommended to any fan of cuckolding porn out there who is looking for fresh thrills.

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