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Super Lesbians

Super Lesbians

Review date: 21-Oct-2017 05:57. This is yet another example of not being able to judge a website by its entrance portal. Another in a family of websites that are interconnected, one could be take a guest tour and believe it’s just more of the same old stuff. However, the huge amount of hot girl-on-girl action offered here - both in photos and on video - make this site surprisingly enjoyable and much more potent in its erotic offerings that it would seem to be at first glance.

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Super Lesbians

Intro promises:
Any connoisseur of all-female action would be well advised to try SuperLesbians: Straight one-on-one, threesomes, moresomes, toys, fingers, splits, and women in the throes of screaming orgasms are but a few of the features here, offered generously and without apology. This isn’t promoted as a teen site, but most of the women seem to be totally fresh talent, so those looking for collegiate aged women in displays of sheer lust might want to give this site serious consideration.

As with most of the sites offered in the “Best of Tempted” family, the photo shoots here outshine the video, but not by much. Highlights include a picture frenzy entitled “Grrzls Just Wanna Have Fun,” where teens Ariel and Jodi take turns dipping dildos and making each other cum; a set called “Two Timing,” where two fresh-bodied beauties engage in some serious lip-locking; and the unimaginatively titled “Lesbo Fantasy,” which boasts an even more ridiculous tag line (“Steamy lesbo one on one orgy fest!”) but delivers the gushing goods. The video section offers links to other sites and areas, the best of which is “Me Myself and I,” a solo masturbation area with beautiful women having fun with fingers and toys. The “Girls on Girls” broadband section features tons of girl-on-girl action clips, naturally, all of it tantalizingly raw and uninhibited. This site isn’t perfect. The occasional pop-up can drive one a bit batty, as can the endless come-ons for other sites and products. However, the site lets you link to countless other sites and web areas, giving you the access to literally millions of photos and thousands of movie clips.

It’s hard to imagine even getting past the regular photo galleries and clips included here to work your way to all the sister sites, and that’s a good thing. Loaded with beautiful women baring their bods and licking, toying, and creaming their way into your psyche, Super Lesbians is damn near close to a super site: It’s jam-packed with naked, splayed and horny women. Lesbian fanciers, start your engines.

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