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Super Ramon

Super Ramon

Review date: 27-Apr-2015 19:17. Do you like hardcore tranny porn where thick-assed Latina trannies get their fuck holes filled in all sorts of crazy scenarios and situations? If you do, you need to check out this Super Ramon character right here. He may look a bit goofy, but wait till he whips out his fat dick and starts boning some delish tranny ass! The site is part of the Trans 500 network that is pretty cool.

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Super Ramon

Intro promises:
Can tranny porn be fun? Well, it damn sure can. It is not common for producers in this genre to serve some fun and playfulness on the side together with the main dish of hardcore tranny banging. But hey, someone has to do it. Looks like the one doing it will be this Super Ramon character. Do you know the Trans 500 network? These guys specialize in stellar-looking HD videos with Latina trannies – these episodes have reality, uncensored tranny fucking, and fun all combined. Their network is quite sizeable and has thousands of items to see. But looks like it’s Super Ramon who is the wildest there. This character is quite a bit goofy. He looks like a skinny ass Hispanic geezer in a silly-looking wig. But it all stops being just fun and games when he whips out his massive member and starts boning some seriously wet and delicious tranny ass. Super Ramon wears weird outfits and the storylines of the episodes are quite a bit fucked up sometimes. But we feel like you will love him eventually. Check out the free area of Super Ramon to see what is going on. There are a few video trailers, and on the whole the tour is quite informative. You just want to see all these sexy ass tgirls in hardcore action with a fun element right away. Let’s do so right now.

Looks like the people behind this entire Trans 500 affair have been gradually building towards a site as fun and hot as Super Ramon here. They have quite a few successful tranny porn projects, but Super Ramon really stands out. It’s like you watch a low budget comedy every time you play back yet another Super Ramon video! And there are quite a lot of videos to play, we will tell you that. Fun outfits, silly-looking yet entertaining special effects, hilarious storylines, Super Ramon has all that. But most importantly, it has dozens and dozens of super hot tgirls. They are not exclusively Latinas, there are other types here as well. Skinnier or curvier, you know these girls are going to make you shoot buckets of jizz. Ramon is very serious about what he does. How does a skinny ass dude like that has a dick this big? It’s almost impossible to believe. But the tgirls love this meatloaf. Super Ramon is loaded with full length high definition videos that combine fun and heat. The write-ups are long and mostly hilarious, and the movies themselves (plus the photos) are no less entertaining. Ramon just wreaks havoc wherever he goes – and he wrecks plenty of tranny fuck holes as well. Super Ramonis definitely a site to check out if you have been feeling bored with all your chosen tranny porn hotspots lately.

Super Ramon is part of the Trans 500 network, and it could be the hottest and the most fun site they have launched to date. This Ramon dude is just out of control. This applies both to the way he looks and to the way he just leaves all these tranny superbabes sore and spent. Check out the full length downloads that Super Ramon has and have a look at all the thousands of exclusive in-house movies the Trans 500 network has inside!

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