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Suze Video

Review date: 17-Oct-2017 08:02. Like a lot of people who attended a liberal arts college, I was long ago subjected to the classic paleofeminist anti-porn documentary, 'Not a Love Story,' which purported to reveal the horrible, exploitative, anti-woman nature of the porn business... and like a lot of people who watched it, the primary memory I took away from 'Not a Love Story' was not the tales of substance abuse and lives gone horribly wrong.

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Suze Video

Intro promises:
But the indelible image of Suze Randall, pornographer extraordinaire, setting up a photo shoot for Penthouse. Older then my mother and more energetic than a frisky puppy, Randall was perpetually in motion, chatting up a storm, posing her models and briskly ordering her assistants to paint on 'more pussy juice, dear.' She was a one-woman challenge to both the audience's and the filmmakers' preconceptions about the industry, and I fell in love with her instantly.

Suze Randall has literally been shooting porn for about as long as I've been alive, and it makes me happy that she's still out there. Fittingly, for a site dedicated to a woman whose career spans 30 years, Suze Video is big. Really, really big. There are a little over 350 videos here, from 10 to 30 minutes long, in Windows Media and (usually) Quicktime formats, in small, medium and large-format encoding. The films can be streamed in place, or downloaded with no hassle. Some of the clips are from Randall's feature films, some of them are videos of her photoshoots, and best of all, there's a cache of clips from porn's golden age, starring old favorites like Ginger Lynn Allen. If there's a complaint to be made here, it's that the site is a little poorly organized. It's far from clear how the videos are categorized: 'Girly Girls' is the girl-girl section, but what makes a clip 'Xtreme DVD' as opposed to 'Suze XXX DVD' or 'Mega Video?' Some pages lack links back to the members' homepage, and most videos only have a single preview still. The good news is that you can basically ignore all of the site's section categories and just head straight to the model index: each actress featured is listed in alphabetical order with a preview still, and you can just browse faces to your heart's content... and there are a lot of faces to browse. If there's a starlet worth remembering, it seems like Suze has caught her on film at least once.

Understandably for someone who's seemingly shot more films than I have hairs on my head, with literally hundreds of performers, the quality of the films can be a crapshoot. (Even Suze can't make Randy West a compelling performer, after all.) But at their worst, they're never less than competently shot and edited, and at their best... Suze loves her job, and it shows.

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