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Sweet Cam Girl

Sweet Cam Girl

Review date: 24-Oct-2017 07:54. Is Lori Anderson hot? Most certainly. Is she talented? That depends. If you're talking about giving head and hand jobs and being an all-around dirty girl, then the answer is 'yes.' As for making her sex-ploits convincing, engaging, hot or interesting, that leaves a little to be desired.

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Sweet Cam Girl

Intro promises:
It's a tough road to hoe when a site really only features one girl and a narrow assortment of generally unexciting guys doing nasty things to her. It quickly becomes a love-it or hate-it relationship with Sweet Cam Girl's star, and I had a little trouble forging a positive relationship with Ms. Anderson. For one thing, the videos could all use some serious editing. I'm up to the last chunk of a four-part scenario, and two seconds into the four-minute clip, the dude shoots his load (onto her tongue, stomach, face, into her coffee, etc.), and then we have the rest of that time to just stare at the blown load, oozing this way and that, but nothing else happens. Maybe there's a segment of the population that's dying to see that, but it got boring for me after a few more seconds.

What's more, there are no jump-cuts past some of the monotonous bits. She sucks and jerks on this guy for 15 minutes, and then it's up to him to stroke himself to completion? What's that say about our dirty diva's cock-wrangling skills? And it takes him quite a while to get himself off, but you'll be watching every yawn-inducing stroke of it. The site does sport some good design elements, sorting each scenario and keeping its 'story,' pics and movies together so you don't get lost. The stories themselves are often more entertaining than the sex behind them. There are also clear divisions between oral, hand jobs, softcore, hardcore, modeling shots, bonus stuff, her diary, girl-girl, fetish, her bedroom, and so on, all easily navigable on the left side of the screen. There are also some nice bonus sites for fans of deep throat, latinas, big cocks, mature and the other usual themes. There are also some other nice inclusions, like links to an online pharmacy for your impotence needs, a submit-your-own-pic page, live cams and free shows.

Some of the content is genuinely hot. It's just too bad that every time it starts to get good, the people involved have to take it down a notch for some reason, things that could have been remedied with a little editing and improved production design. And clearer audio. And it kind of ruins the voyeur vibe when we see Lori staring straight into'and sometimes manually adjusting!'the camera the whole time. Pretend I'm not here, and just enjoy that cock. Make it look fun and less like a career move. In the end, this site is a godsend for Lori Anderson fans who aren't terribly demanding of their vixen, but non-fans may be better served elsewhere.

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