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Swinging Teens

Swinging Teens

Review date: 21-Oct-2017 06:13. They're the babes who will screw anyone, even the pimply guys with penholders in the pockets of their plaid shirts, and dumbass jocks with nary a brain in their heads but nuts full of cum.

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Swinging Teens

Intro promises:
Swinging Teens celebrates the eternal party girl, the doe-eyed brunette who gets carried away at a kegger party and blows every guy in the room, the cute blonde with the hot ass who runs through twenty boyfriends a semester, the tattooed tongue studded punkette who goes to college to major in orgasm, the apprentice slut who swaps boyfriends with her girlfriends and girlfriends with her girlfriends, the curvaceous coed who organizes orgies, taking facials and blowing scum bubbles with similarly slutty sorority sisters during cum contests in the dorms.

The site has a daily photo feature, a smutty stories section, for those who still care to read, and a Live section that leads to something called SexMuseum, which offers a one-year free membership to an online triple XXX video store, which is fine except that the pitch, delivered by a sexy female voice, spews right from your computer, not too convenient if you're surfing at work. The best part of the site are the links, which click you off to a site called YoungHoles, an excellent triple x teen porno gallery with hundreds of free links to movies, babes, lesbian sites, and teen sites.

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