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Sydney Mai

Sydney Mai

Review date: 31-May-2014 11:22. Do you know Sydney Mai? If you don’t, she refers to herself as young horny Japanese American porn vixen. Now we’re all interested! She’s one of the cutest and also one of the craziest up and coming American porn stars right now. Her eponymous site has lots of professional and self-shot footage of Sydney doing it all, toys to girls to guys. She only does guys inside this very site!

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Sydney Mai

Intro promises:
Everybody likes pornstars. Not just watching commercial shoots with them, but it’s especially cool to check out a personal site of a pornstar you like. Usually good sites of this kind offer some sort of a personalized touch, not just downloadable pictures and videos scripted and filmed by someone in the industry. Like selfies or live shows or behind the scenes footage. But also, don't you really like it when a pornstar is not all distant and unapproachable but kinda fun like a cool next door girl would be? Sydney Mai seems to be exactly this kind of pornstar. A Japanese American hottie, she describes herself as a young horny porn vixen. We liked her immediately! She’s still up and coming so she’s not like all snobbish or whatever. You can feel she’s having fun, and you start having fun with her. Oh, where are our manners. We are talking about Sydney Mai’s personal site here. It has the same name as she does. Looks like we’re in for all sort of fun here, guys. Sydney Mai’s site has regular style shoots as well as all sorts of selfies, some of which apparently were filmed at night. Sydney Mai seems like a cool fun girl, and this is reflected in her work. Also, she’s a total hottie with a bit of exotic to her looks. Are you excited already? Let’s accept Sydney’s invitation – only after you have seen the free video trailer, of course.

Sydney Mai is sure a special girl. She also surely is a special porn performer – or porn vixen, as she calls herself. Her site really lets you take a peek into what kind of life an erotic model has. Other personal sites of adult performers may only offer commercial shoots. But a massive proportion of content here at Sydney Mai’s own spot on the web are her selfies, shoots about other shoots, videos she made herself and this sort of thing. More of a personal touch, you know. Hence, a lot of the stuff she offers is solo. There is some girl on girl, and she only does b/g with her boyfriend. Oh Sydney, you do not really have to be so shy! We hope she is going to do more hardcore later on. Because you know what? This girl is fucking sexy. Not just in terms of having a hot bod and a cute face, although she does have both. Just look at these perky titties with nips standing like little soldiers. Sydney is a fun girl who always has new ideas about how to make her members happy. Sydney lets you download her movies in high definition, and her photos are available as zipped sets. It’s interesting that some videos are also available in 3D. There are a few interesting extras here, like a weekly live show for instance. Sydney Mai’s site is part of this Pink Velvet Pass network with several interesting personal pornstar sites in there. If you got a membership with the network, congrats, you can check out Sydney Mai’s pics and vids for free!

Sydney Mai is Japanese American porn girl that is both hot, looks great on camera, and has a fun personality. Her site is full of unconventional content that is a fresh change from the kind of things pornstars usually offer inside their personal sites. Sydney Mai loves taking selfies and there’s always something fun to see. We wish she is going to do more b/g and not just with her boyfriend. Still, this is one of the best sites of this kind we have recently seen. Pay Sydney Mai a visit now!

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