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Taboo Tugjobs

Taboo Tugjobs

Review date: 27-Nov-2014 05:41. By today’s standards, a tugjob, or handjob if you will, is relatively innocent. Like, what’s the big deal, the girl strokes some dude’s cock till it shoots cum somewhere, hopefully on her tits and face. Taboo Tugjobs here ups the kinky game quite a bit. Brought to you by Fetish Network, this place shows all sorts of insanity, femdom tugjobs, tugjobs with stepsisters around, and more.

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Taboo Tugjobs

Intro promises:
The more porn you watch, the more your perception of certain things changes, right? Like, for example, if you have watched a massive load of porn with cock stroking, tugjobs and handjobs in your time, the whole thing might just lose a little bit of its edge. What’s the big whoop, she grabs his boner and strokes it. Right? But turns out things can be spiced up, and in a big way, too. Taboo Tugjobs is a site that just may change the way you see this relatively innocent thing, the handjob. Or the tugjob, if we are to follow the site’s terminology. Do you know what Fetish Network is? Only one of the best families of fetish porn sites out there! With around 40 sites on board today and over 1.5 million fetish sex photos (wow) plus around 4,000 movies, this is a world of its own. Taboo Tugjobs is one of the newest additions to the family – as if it wasn’t big enough, right. Taboo Tugjobs is quite hard to summarize. Maybe you should check out the tour and see all the video trailers and write-ups to sample episodes they got over there. Well, you should do that in any case. Thing is, Taboo Tugjobs is about tugjobs in unusual and really weird and pervy contexts. Girl stroking her bf’s cock to make her stepsister leave the room, thugs stroked by a crime-fighting crew to get information, TV hosts giving handjobs during their entire screen time, coed girls inviting guys for their first handjob ever… This sort of thing. Interested? Well, of course you fucking are.

Looks like these boners won’t tug themselves. Taboo Tugjobs offers an incredible variety of plots and stories. There’s a chance at some point you’ll be like, is it still the same site? In fact, it may not be the same site technically. It’s just so easy to wander from site to site when you are inside Fetish Network. But the point is, these people obviously invested so much into coming up with all sorts of different plots. A crime-fighting female crew who stroke cocks of criminals not letting them cum as soon as they want to get them to confess? An incarcerated husband getting his bone tugged by his wife on a visit while the sexy MILF warden watches? Somehow quite a few of their stories are about crime, police, and jails. This only adds to the thrill! But don’t worry, there’s a load of other things, cheerleaders, stepsisters, TV hosts, if there’s anything in the world they can make dirtier and taboo by throwing a tugjob in, they will do it. Taboo Tugjobs offers video downloads at 3,000K as well as full screen streaming and a few other content options. There are pictures of course – and there are literally hundreds of thousands of other content items offered by other sites that belong to Fetish Network. They have a way of blending kinky with natural and amateur, so don’t miss out on their stuff.

Damn it, we didn’t even know it was possible. Taboo Tugjobs mixes the tugjob thing with so much other stuff, insane plots including sex in jails and other spicy material – and much more. This is the broadest definition of taboo we have ever seen, but it fucking rocks. Get ready to be shocked, excited, and spurting cum in just a few minutes. See Taboo Tugjobs today and discover how damn awesome Fetish Network is. Join Taboo Tugjobs now!

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