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Tasty Crisa

Tasty Crisa

Review date: 24-Feb-2017 05:50. I think it's funny, all the Hollywood starlets killing themselves trying to be the thinnest skank in the land. Sure these idiots are making the megabucks; the fashion-world has somehow convinced the filthy rich movie-world that slender is sexy. It's truly ironic that these sex symbols would be undoubtedly awful in bed; they are all fucking bones; no tits, no ass, no bounce—what kind of screw is that!

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Tasty Crisa

Intro promises:
It would be like humping a hat-rack. Big girls, on the other hand, are built for lovin'. I know, it's hard to overcome a lifetime of prejudice programmed in by society, but hey, we all know in our hearts that plump is to penis what hook is to groove—think about it. At this point it is my pleasure to introduce Tasty Crisa, a solo model site completely devoted to big tits, big curves, and one succulent ass. Going through this content is like dying and going to cleavage heaven. Crisa has a 36FF chest, is 5'3'', has dirty blonde hair, and loves treating her body like an amusement park. Once you see her in action, I can guarantee that you would rather fuck her, then say Mary-Kate Olsen, any day of the fucking week (even if you won't admit it to yourself or your buddies). And I should also mention that Crisa's talent is 100 percent all natural, a rare and beautiful thing indeed.

Currently there are 40+ picture galleries and 45+ videos to choose from. The films average between 12-20 minutes in length and can be streamed or downloaded directly to your hard drive. The picture quality is average to slightly-above average; I recommend that they are viewed in a medium-sized window for best resolution. Members get access to a wide variety of bonus sites. Here's a sample of some of their titles: Brides On Blacks, Sexy Moms Online, Tasty Dildos, Lesbian Hook Up, Booty Like That, Throat Banged, Munch My Ass, Moms Crave Big Cocks, and the always sweet, Tasty 18 and 19. We also get access to a DVD streaming program which presently offers 228 features in its collection. Trust me, that's a lot of porn; something like 2000 hours, and that's being conservative!

Unfortunately, the films cannot be downloaded in a continuous full-length format. Also, the update schedule is sporadic at best. Tasty Crisa has one of the best racks I've ever seen, and doing what I do, I see over a hundred pairs a day. If you like big tits and a little meat on your porn, this site is a great option. That being said, if you're looking for HD quality smut, you won't find it here—buy hey, that may be a good thing if your internet speed blows, and not in the good way.

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