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Team Celebs

Team Celebs

Review date: 10-Dec-2014 19:08. Hungry for a bit of A-list celebrity skin? At Team Celebs, Hollywood goes hardcore every single day. The site is brought to you by the world famous Mr Skin and comes with thousands of actresses featured in tens of thousands images and video clips. It has both the classic and ever-popular stuff as well as freshest finds with Emilia Clarke, Miley Cyrus, and many other trending hotties.

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Team Celebs

Intro promises:
When was the last time that we profiled a nude celeb site here for you? We don’t have the exact timeline here, but we are going to say it was quite a while ago. Why? Well, one of the reasons most definitely is that the whole scene has been kinda quiet for a while. Keeping a low profile as in not launching new awesome sites packed with delicious celeb nudes. How come? We guess there’s quite a bit of legal pressure from Hollywood and all its legal teams these days. Not everybody can handle it. It’s tough out there for sites that want to bring you the A-list celebrity nudity that you are willing to see. Still, the desire to see it didn’t really go anywhere did it. We want to see it all, we want fresh well-built sites. We want Sofia Vergara, Miley Cyrus, Scarlett Johanson and whoever you can find out there who is famous and sexy. If you feel that way, you need to have a look at Team Celebs right here. The site’s free area may have a calm, reserved feel. But as it turns out this site is an explosion of celebrity skin, a real avalanche of prime grade nude celebrity clips (mostly) and naughty content of other types. Also, turns out Team Celebs is backed up by Mr Skin, the Ferrari of the celeb nudity world. Have a look at the tour and let’s get crazy!

Team Celebs says by joining it you get access to every celebrity nude scene for all time. Is that true? Well, it looks like it’s pretty damn close, we’ll give you that. You’re right, Team Celebs is in fact focused on nude clips from movies and such. There is content of other types, but it’s definitely not a sex tape kind of thing going on here. Hey, it’s really cool to have this well-structured archive with literally almost 200,000 images and clips from your favorite movies, classics to recent releases. Each of these features a hot actress in various degrees of naughty action, from sideboobs and topless all the way to getting it on with a partner. Who may also be a hot actress! Team Celebs takes the Mr Skin heritage and uses it well. The site is really well-structured, with detailed reviews of most items, ratings, and other tools that make your browsing easier and more fun. The member area is really well-designed, and it’s also perfectly mobile friendly. Whenever the need to see your favorite actress with no clothes on hits, you know… Team Celebs comes with plenty of very recent content from newer movies, which means a lot of their pics and vids are full screen HD. What other site can give you that? Mind you, it’s not some scammy storefront that promises a lot and has like 5 old ass clips. It’s a product from a brand you can trust. Mr Skin is world famous, and you will find out why pretty damn soon.

Team Celebs is all about newest nude celeb clips from all the recent titles – and more. The site is a Mr Skin product, which means it’s structured just like its bigger brother. It also offers the same level of quality. Team Celebs has all the new stuff with Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian and literally thousands of other A-list babes. Check it out now and forget all the crappy sites that never deliver. Team Celebs is full of stuff and all of that stuff is fresh and hot!

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