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Teany Gushers

Teany Gushers

Review date: 21-Oct-2017 06:27. Female ejaculation has long been surrounded by mystery and myth, with our patriarchal society frowning upon women spurting, gushing, squirting and spraying as unhygienic, unladylike and contrary to the dry pristine demeanor babes are supposed to maintain while having their brains balled out.

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Teany Gushers

Intro promises:
Well, fuck that. As we now know women can not only cum many times, but when really excited some can pop off just like a guy, emitting a mighty blast of fluid from their vulva with enough force and ferocity to make even the most copious male cummer stiff with envy. Female Ejaculation has been called the Nectar of Aphrodite, the Fountain of Venus, the Champagne of Sex, the Geyser of Love, and by now almost everyone is familiar with how you get a woman to gush, by stimulating her G, for Grafenburg Spot, an area directly behind the pubic bone within the front wall of the vagina.

For the clinical "how-to and why," Google any of the myriad sites dealing with female ejaculation and the G-spot, but for the usual day-to-day sordid kicks hit Teany Gushers. While strictly silly and superficial, it does provide some erotic thrills, a modicum of information, and features some video feeds of cuties spurting themselves silly. An instructional link called How To Make A Woman Spurt displays one rather clinical technique, with the guy wearing a latex glove, as if he’s a frickin’ doctor. And the picture galleries tend to be heavy on plain old slit shots, cunnilingus, fellatio, and facials and light on actual pixs of hot young girls, like Candy, Drew, Veronica, Tanya, Heather and Shauna gushing and getting off.

Worth a look for anyone interested in this important aspect of female sexuality, as well as libidinous men and women in search of a thrill, Teany Gushers manages to hit the G-spot.

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