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Teenie Palace

Teenie Palace

Review date: 25-Oct-2017 06:06. If you’ve been following my reviews, then you know of my minor vexation regarding generic porn library websites that advertise as specialized. For example, you come across a site like Busty Black Girls and after you register you find one video of black girls and a zillon movies of other stuff. Sure it’s still porn, but you registered, you paid the cash, and you want what you want.

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    11.6 of 20

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Teenie Palace

Intro promises:
On the surface, Teenie Palace seems like it would be this type of site. When you enter their home page, you’re confronted with a jumble of links and information that seems like a haphazard dumping of porn. However, you soon find that this site is an interesting abnormality; it is both a specialized and a generic porn site that gives those with a teen fetish and a general curiosity something to rejoice about.

One of the first things you notice when you log into Teenie Palace is that it has not one, not two, but three movie links. This is practically unknown on a porn website, and it’s the secret to how they’re both a general and specialized site. The first link takes you to Teenie Palace’s own collection of over 70 teen videos. The variety isn’t that great, most of the videos are masturbation vids, and the girls are overwhelmingly white, maybe Eastern European, but pretty much all of them are smoking hot, and new to the game. The second movie link takes you to their DVD collection, otherwise known as the generic portion of the site. However, when combined with their other video collection, this generic portion provides all the variety that you missed. The collection is comprehensive, providing a plethora of DVDs covering just about every major category of porn. The quality is a bit low, and the videos only run in Quicktime, but loading time is fast and the length of each clip is decently long. The final movie link takes you to Teenie Palace’s bonus sites, and surprisingly, they have one of the best collections of bonus sites in the industry. You’ll find links to such movies sites as Desperate Teens XXX, Extreme Fuck Toys, Her First Anal, and Natural Boobs XXX. Each one is better than the one before, and you’ll find both amateur and professional actresses getting up close and personal with the camera. You can spend days just checking out this material.

All in all, Teenie Palace is a great website that offers a bit of something for everyone, but still maintains a focus on teens, which will satisfy the biggest fanatic of the genre. You could do worse than drop a dime here.

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