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Teens Turning Tricks

Teens Turning Tricks

Review date: 23-Oct-2017 08:18. When you dig porn, a phrase comes up repeatedly: "So wrong, yet so right." And that phrase sums up Teens Turning Tricks perfectly. I can't imagine that any of us would like to see our teenage daughters, hard-up for cash in a strange place, selling their bodies for cash, yet this situation is the premise of Teens Turning Tricks and it is a recipe for some seriously hot action. Sure it's porn clich', but like silicon boobs, it just never gets old.

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Teens Turning Tricks

Intro promises:
So here's the plot: a cameraman and an old guy (sometimes really old) are driving around in an RV. Lo and behold, here comes an eighteen-year-old girl, lost and confused. The guys convince her to come into the van, they talk'she's just moved out, looking for work, blah, blah, blah'and the older guy, like the saints they are, offer to hit her off with some cash for sex. The girl thinks about this life-changing decision for five seconds and off go the clothes. As I said, pretty clich'; however there are a few differences in style between this site and others. Unlike some of the older guy-younger girl movies, the sex here isn't quite as demeaning or deceitful. You won't find our heroes dropping the girl in the middle of nowhere and sticking her with the tab, or the guy completely denigrating her. Instead the videos on Teens Turning Tricks are forward and subtle, which in my opinion makes the sex hotter. The girls seems like they're genuinely interested and the acting is a bit higher quality. which make the premise feel plausible.

Of the videos I watched, I have to give thumbs up to the Nicole and Nyomi movies. Nyomi, who I've seen in other adult videos, is a really sexy Asian girl with small tits but an incredible ass, and she really takes on her role with relish. Nicole isn't as great a performer as Nyomi, and she has a very fresh and amateur feel about her. However, that and her cute southern accent is exactly why her video is so awesome. She says that she's always been interested in sleeping with an older man, and she really seems to savor the experience.

Teens Turning Tricks isn't the first or the best teen porn site, but it does provide some great content that's fresh and new. The few faults of the site are that there are few videos and there are some technical issues, but when you take into account the quality of the movies and the great bonus sites you'll have access to, Teens Turning Tricks is a great deal.

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