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Texas Twins

Texas Twins

Review date: 31-Oct-2017 04:57. From the home state of such liberal, porn-appreciative folks, like our very popular president, come (they don't actually tell us their names) the 'Texas Twins,' and their personal promo site, Texas Twins. Like any young exhibitionistic pair of ladies trying to put together enough scratch to pay for college, the girls offer a number of digital-quality photo galleries and matching video clips.

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Texas Twins

Intro promises:
With a closet full of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, denim, bandanas, bolos and button-down shirts, the brace-toothed twins whip out their small pointy pink-nipped titties (isn't everything in Texas supposed to be BIGGER?), and show us their panties without ever really'taking them off. The atmosphere is like that of a western-wear catalogue (for the record, I've never owned or held such a catalogue, so this is mere speculation) gone awry, topless and repetitive. Whether they're standing in front of stables undressing in front of unimpressed-looking horses; inside barns next to bales of hay that don't have to much to'say, either; or in bed, taking turns kissing, fondling and playing with a mutual friend(s), these two can't seem to stop smiling.

It's said that twins are kindred spirits that often think, act and dress alike; the Texas Twins are no exception. In choreographed poses, they flash their asses in unison, hold hands and even practice a form of synchronized stripping. All of the photos are sharp and clear, though. Video content continues the trend of the girls getting undressed; simulating masturbation with a hand down their pants; taking (fully dressed?) bubble baths; and having four-way soft-core'petting sessions with friends who don't mind dropping their drawers to show off their buttermilk biscuits. The twins pull up their tights for a few cameltoe teasers, but their'blue bonnets stay in their pants. Each clip also takes almost 10 minutes to download for what's less than a five-minute long clip (that looks like it was shot on a camcorder) and even longer to stream on Windows Media.

Links to the sites of 'Friends': Little Summer, Chloe 18, Teen Topanga, Trixie Teen and Little April are included, as is a'page of 'Extras' composed of syndicated multi-genre video feeds that the girls cleverly refer to as 'a pervert's goldmine''what a couple of cut-ups these two are! Texas Twins is like looking at a set of weird outtakes from Little House on the Prairie. It might be the cynical New Yorker in me, but I'm not'particularly'smitten'with the Texas Twins and their southern hospitality. But, if young identical-looking ladies with blonde braids really twirl your lasso, these two should suffice.

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