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Tgirl Fetishes

Tgirl Fetishes

Review date: 28-Nov-2011 04:52. As if sex with smooth, leggy, ultimately beautiful shemales wasn’t kinky enough! TGirl Fetishes brings you the finest in extra kinky tgirl sex, including foot fetish, bondage, enemas, restraints, lingerie, CBT and more – a lot more. Get ready to travel to a pleasure zone which drives you insane and leaves you dry. Your journey begins!

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Tgirl Fetishes

Intro promises:
Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone a bit and step into a zone of pleasure which was previously unavailable – and probably too kinky to imagine as well? TGirl Fetishes is up for review right now here at My Sex Porn, and this new, great-looking site brings it all up a notch. The site is all about mixing tall, beautiful, sex-loving shemales with pleasures so decadent and perverted you may even find some of them too much to handle. The site never discloses the entire thing, at least not right away. You will gradually discover more and more very special things done by or to lovely, smooth-looking tgirls, and the more you get the more you will want. At least that’s what happened to us. The site greets you with a very classy-looking tour area which establishes the site’s style and attitude right away. Browse through this glamorous, dark and well-designed public area which gets you a bit shocked, a bit more curious and even a bit more horny with every minute of your browsing. The site also includes a blog and this is a great find on its own, with juicy content samples and some details about the site you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise – at least not before you actually joined. Absorb all this and get ready to experience all sorts of kinky pleasures getting even kinkier!

TGirl Fetishes is essentially about sexy-looking shemales exploring their darker side through kinky sex with guys or girls, or through solo play during which they experiment with things like smoking, PVC, latex, lingerie, anal toys and more. The tgirls mostly assume the active role in the shoots the site has. It’s eye candy all the way, but never too dark. Beautiful lofts, great-looking props, outstanding and supposedly very expensive bondage gear and lingerie, these things create a very classy, decadent and visually appealing atmosphere. The site offers videos as well as pictures, and both of these come in truly stunning quality. The video trailers in the tour area looked great alone, and now, when you have the real thing, it does feel like a great find. The site is young and hasn’t still gotten any attention from consumers and reviewers at all, so you can really get it while it’s hot and new. On the other hand, it means you will only be getting access to a few dozen updates. Don’t worry though, they look great and offer plenty of space and context to explore your hidden desires. From bondage and cock and ball torture to leather, smoking, even forced feminization and enema, not to mention foot fetish and smothering, TGirl Fetihes takes you on tour through unexplored and very promising areas. And it feels amazing! Give it a try and grab it while it’s hot.

TGirl Fetishes, launched and maintained by SMC Network, a renowned name in the tranny porn scene, is fetish and shemales brought closer than ever together. Hold on to your seat and watch hot, horny, hung tgirls doing some really perverted and shocking shit. In solo shoots, they try lingerie, toys, smoking, latex in what not. In couple shoots, they dominate, humiliate and satisfy their craziest cravings. Whatever it is in each new shoot you discover, it is visually flawless and never lets you go.

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