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The Dick Suckers

The Dick Suckers

Review date: 22-Sep-2017 05:54. This site seriously sucks…and I mean that as a compliment. TheDickSuckers seems to have and endless supply of cock-hungry babes and it just keeps bringin more in. I've said it before and I'll say it again: where do they find so many hot, horny chicks?

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The Dick Suckers

Intro promises:
The sites has babe after babe coming through and their faces gets covered in come after they demonstrate their cock sucking expertise. I absolutely love the one who licks the end of the guy's dickhead while rubbing the shaft between her round breasts. now that's talent.

Currently, there are 168 episodes of exclusive content, which is a big improvement from our initial visit. The videos can be streamed or downloaded using Windows Media Player. Each one is broken down into as many as 15 clips that are about two minutes in length each. You can also check out a full-length version that looks great nowadays. The overall point-of-view style and production value is amateur, but the blowjobs are fantastic. The lighting is good, though whoever is behind the camera needs to develop a steadier hand. Each one of the 168 picture sets has 97 to 120 images in the high-res section. The images are so crisp that you'll be able to see right up to the pore in some instances. If you desire, there are also larger sets of blurry screen grabs, but I don't recommend them.

In addition to the main content, you'll have access to two other sites by the name of ChelciFox and Manojob. With everything you get, it's worth the money.

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