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The Love of Fur

The Love of Fur

Review date: 16-Mar-2014 14:44. Nothing is quite as beautiful and pleasant to the touch as fur. If you think sexy women are even sexier when they are wearing a gorgeous fur coat or fur accessories, you just can’t miss The Love of Fur here. This new boutique site features fur-themed videos that cover it all from femdom in fur to bondage, lesbians and smoking in fur. You just can’t go wrong with this one, so read on!

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The Love of Fur

Intro promises:
It has been a bit of time since we covered something so special, something so narrow-niche, and yet something so sensual and exciting. We are talking about fur, of course. We can’t imagine there are too many fur sites out there. Although is there such a thing as too many sites covering a certain fetish, really? Anyway, we cannot really think of anything quite as decadent, indulgent, glamorous, and sensual as fur. When a sexy lady puts on some fur, she is immediately transformed, don’t you think? It’s just so refined, royal, and raunchy, too. The Love of Fur is a young up and coming site that focuses on the beauty of women in furs. It seems to cover it all, from young girls in furs to fur-wearing MILFs, lesbians, even femdom mistresses. It is also a young narrow niche site with this great boutique feel. You know, when it’s a small specialized shop run by people who care about what they do. As opposed to a giant supermarket where everything is generic and nobody really cares. The Love of Fur has a very well-built tour that showcases the girls starring in the episodes, the fetishes covered, and of course samples of content. Yes, there’s a free video trailer! The Love of Fur also has a video on demand section that lets you purchase and download the scenes you like without getting a membership. Looks like it is in fact a boutique kind of place with focus on quality and authenticity. Let’s have a look at what the member area is like.

The first thing you notice about The Love of Fur is… It’s not even the gorgeous ladies wearing gorgeous furs. Not the range of fantasies covered, like smoking in furs, or bondage in furs, or fur-wearing lesbians. And not even the high definition MP4 and WMV videos available for unlimited downloading. It’s the focus of the people behind The Love of Fur on building an actual community of fur worshippers. You can follow the site’s blog to stay updated on what’s going on, and you also can participate in the discussions on the forum. These cover not just the site’s erotic content, but also other, more mainstream things, like fashion or celebrities. But of course you are here, inside The Love of Fur, to see sexy women wear sexy furs. There’s no shortage of that. The site adds a brand new episode every single week. A typical episode features one or two girls wearing something awesome made of fur, playing with it, playing with each other, and playing with sex toys as well. You have no idea how full of tease everything here is! Whether the coat is draped over her shoulders or she’s lying on it wearing some sexy nylon, The Love of Fur is always utter eye candy and a very intense erotic experience. When the girl gets too worked up and plugs herself with fingers or that big dildo, you just let out a loud gasp – and probably cum. The Love of Fur is a solid site backed up by niche experience and dedication. You can feel these people are actually into fur and are not just trying to sell you a membership. We love sites like that and we recommend you give The Love of Fur a try!

The Love of Fur is a site for fur lovers made by fur lovers. Get ready to see gorgeous ladies play with furs – and each other. You just can’t get anything better when it comes to softcore, lesbian and fetish videos with a fur theme throughout all of them. This is the newest and definitely one of the coolest modern fur fetish websites. Not just due to its excellent content, but also due to a strong community feel and interesting features. If you are at least a bit into fur, give The Love of Fur a try right now!

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