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The Minion

The Minion

Review date: 6-Jul-2016 10:16. The Minion is a new reality site from the people behind Blacks On Blondes, Spring Thomas, and Cum Bang (among other sites). These guys are pretty famous (on the Net at least) for putting out quality interracial content but this time they've got a reality-style site with a rather bizarre theme.

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The Minion

Intro promises:
The Minion stars Sleazy D, a ugly, hairy, morbidly obese dude (check out their tour to see what he looks like) who loves food so much that he has to involve it in his sexual encounters...this involves cramming all sorts of food products into his mouth while getting sucked or fucking and also smearing the various edibles all over his body at the same time. Now you might ask, who the hell is going to be fucking this guy? Well, enter various hot porn starlets who either a) have a real taste for the bizarre or b) will do anything for money. I'm betting on option "b" LOL. Each scene starts out with Sleazy D half naked and surrounded by food...he seems to have a particular fondness for hot dog buns but everything from nachos to hot dogs to pickles to honey to fruit juice disappears inside his yap. He spends the first 5-10 minutes of each scene basically babbling to the camera while he crams food into his mouth...the guy's actually pretty funny at times; you can hear the cameraguy cracking up during most of his monologue. At some point they bring in the babe of the day, either already naked or nearly so. Some of the chicks seem disgusted by the guy while others seem to find the whole situation rather comical.

From there, the girl proceeds to do various things ranging from stuffing food in Sleazy's mouth, rubbing food all over him, slapping him across the face, or in one scene, pissing on his face. At some point (usually about halfway into the scene) they get into some actual hardcore action and the girl gets down on her knees and starts sucking The Minion's (I'm assuming this is Sleazy's nickname) dick and licking his balls. His dick is quite small and his inner thighs and nether regions are rather gross...some girls suck away with gusto while others really seem to want to be somewhere else. Often, Sleazy is farting and burping away the whole time. After the blowjob, the girl puts a condom on his dick and the couple fucks in various positions...often, The Minion is eating food during the fucking, spitting it out and drooling it all over himself and the girl. Despite the condom fuck, the scene does end with an oral cumshot, a thick little sour load squeezed out onto the girl's tongue or lips. In one scene, Sleazy pops in a condom and then drips the load out into the chick's mouth. The chicks who get the cum in their mouth all seem to swallow it...again, some of them gobble it right down while others look like they might puke.

The members area setup here is clearcut. You'll find all 64 available episodes listed over a series of pages, each with a preview pic, a pretty humorous description, and links to view that scene's pics and vids. Each episode comes with a video, a vidcap gallery, a photoset, and a gallery of what they call 4-panel pics (shots with 4 pics per image). Videos are of course the main focus here and come with a few options. Everything's in WMV format and available for stream or download but you have your choice of the length of video you want to view. Check out the full scene all in one clip, in three big chunks, or as multiple (15-20) smaller vids. The full-length vids are offered in medium (448 x 332 at 1300K) and broadband (640 x 480 at 1500K) quality. The videos look great, particularly the broadband vids. These are watchable at full-screen for sure and they look really nice even at that resolution. In addition to the vidcap galleries, each scene also comes with a hi-res photoset. The photos weigh in at 800 x 1200 and the quality looks great. Nice! Overall, The Minion is a really nice reality site. The scenes here are certainly unique...if you're looking for something totally different or if you like seeing hot girls pleasuring really gross guys (or perhaps both lol), you should check out The Minion today.

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