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The Piercing Room

The Piercing Room

Review date: 22-Aug-2017 06:12. The notion of a chick getting poked at a porn site is not really that profound, UNLESS the poking is done by a long sharp needle! The Piercing Room is a very different kind of adult site. With most pornstars sporting some metal between their legs and hanging from their tits these days, it was inevitable that someone would take members in behind the scenes to see just how the heavy baubles find there way into such sexy flesh.

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The Piercing Room

Intro promises:
The leggy babes lounging in the waiting area of the piercing room have no idea of what Dr. Scott has in mind for them. As far as they are concerned, they're just hanging out, waiting to get their nipples or pussies pierced (after all, belly rings are so 1990). But when the chicks enter The Piercing Room, they quickly get a sense that the good Dr. may not be as good as they assumed. According to Dr. Scott, his reasons for running the piercing shop go far beyond simply adorning the most beautiful bare breasts and shaved slits. He admits that it's hard (like REAL HARD) for him to resist touching his subjects in places that go far beyond the call of duty.

And with this kind of setup, you can only imagine the dirty antics which go on. Sure, the girls do get pierced in intimate places. If you're squeamish, you might find the segments where the needle penetrates the flesh a bit much, but for those sado freaks out there (you know who you are), that should get your engines revving quite nicely. Step by step erotic body piercing is just one part of the visual presentation members are treated to at The Piercing Room. There are chicks performing piercings and lots of girl on girl sex action. Some of the piercing subjects don't even know that by the end of the day they are going to be pierced - they thought they were just applying for a nursing position. While this is a reality style porn site, the premise is unique enough and the topic is sizzling hot enough to ensure a fun run for all. Pictures and videos capture the foreplay, piercings, and after play in explicit detail. The resolution and formats of the content are sharp and in keeping with the latest popular options. When I stepped into the members' area, I found the volume of content to be a bit light and I kind of got the impression that the site was still under construction. On the tour page and in the members' area, there was a reference to 6 pages of content, but only page 1 was active. The apologetic note on the members front page suggested that these guys were still working on filling up their shelves with content. In the software world, there is an expression called "Vapourware" - I think the spirit of that applies to this site at the moment.

HOWEVER, given that the membership price is currently being offered at $19.95 per month, The Piercing Room is still a fair deal, and I expect the price may (and SHOULD) go up as they fluff out their archives. If you like erotic body piercing with an added perverted twist, this is your chance to get in at a great price!

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