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The Rubber Clinic

The Rubber Clinic

Review date: 7-May-2017 06:27. Fetish. It means many different things to different people. It also has a tendency to mix and match in weird psychological associations. Girls in stocking and 50s lingerie, for example, will often be tied up with ropes. And if you're into rubber, chances are you like plastic dollies with huge pneumatic tits wandering about a futuristic medical setting. Also the chances are you are German, but that's another story.

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The Rubber Clinic

Intro promises:
We're not sure why the rubber and medical fetishes so often go together. Yes, medical professionals sometimes wear latex gloves, but the last time we were in a hospital we didn't see many stacked nurses clad head-to-toe in PVC, complete with gas mask. But alas, we were never admitted to The Rubber Clinic. Which isn't surprising. Apparently men are not allowed into the Clinic. All you'll see here is the resident buxom "Matron" (one suspects that she is not a real doctor) and a group of hot women identified only by their initials (i.e., Patient F., Patient B., etc.). Everyone at the Clinic, including the Matron, wears a lot of rubber. Usually the "treatment" consists of the Matron tying one of the patients up in a gyno-exam position and then sticking various inflatable toys into them, fucking them with a strap-on, or (and this is probably the most popular) either getting them to piss all over the place or pissing on them.

Man, there is a lot of piss flying around this site. Luckily they have rubber ground sheets spread out everywhere and a large collection of catheters. They also have these rubber "piss pants" that hold all your liquid gold in a bag for later consumption. It's a scary thought, but one day, when we get older, we may have to wear such devices too. Probably because our prostates will have been wrecked due to the milking we put them through watching the video at this site. We say that because this is one great site. The video production is very professional (especially the bright lighting), and the medical sets, toys, and costumes all look great. The action is intense and the peeing extreme. If you like seeing girls just blasting piss into each other's mouths, you've checked into the right facility. And that's not all! The models are surprisingly hot, given all the kinky shit they're doing, and the technical quality of the movies is outstanding. The high-res videos--which are all downloadable without DRM--are RealPlayer files with a playback of around 2000 kb/s formatted at 1200x700. Rubber and piss never looked so good. Even the pics are sharp, studio-quality photos and not just the usual bunch of vidcaps. In fact, this is almost one of our top sites. The only thing holding it back is that it was still kind of new when we visited, so there were only 48 movies up. They are adding a new one every four days however, which (given the quality) is impressive. We just wished they were a little longer. As it is each movie only runs 4-5 minutes. Given that the size of the high-res files (there is a low-res download also available) is usually around 60-70 megs, we thought they could have gone longer. But we have to say that if you prefer quality to quantity then you should be satisfied with what you're getting here. They also don't waste any time with introducing the characters or set-up. It's just meat and potatoes for the kinky crowd. Not that we wouldn't have enjoyed a bit more set-up. Or some dialogue. But part of the hospital/rubber fetish is its impersonality and objectification. So that's what you're getting. The girls do act sexy though, which is a plus. Navigation is fine for now, given that there isn't a ton of content yet, but as the site grows they might want to think about adding links to the patient index and allowing for category searches. About the only other thing we would like to see is a members forum or feedback page. We've found that fans of this action tend to be pretty vocal about what they like and don't like and what they want to see more of, so it would be nice to give them an area to sound off. Maybe the Matron (or whoever it is who runs the Clinic) could also give us a bit more background or info about the site.

So we're giving this a big thumbs-up. The quality is excellent all around and it hits its niche square on the head. Just not a lot of content yet--though in our opinion there's more than enough here now to justify the price. In another six months it should have established itself as one of the very best exclusive fetish sites on the Net. It's definitely one to watch!

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