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Thong Vixens

Thong Vixens

Review date: 21-Jul-2015 09:23. Few things are hotter than a girl in nice tiny thongs. In fact, probably no things are hotter than that. Thong Vixens is yet another site in the My Jerk Off Girls Network that blends the appeal of hot next door babes in thongs with unique first person erotica experiences. Girls in tiny-ass thongs are going to give you jerk off instructions, how about that? Plus, much more, take a look.

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Thong Vixens

Intro promises:
Thongs could easily be the hottest-looking thing a girl can wear. Aren’t you a complete and total thong freak? All guys like them. They are there but kinda not there at the same time. They reveal a lot and yet they hide something. They send a pretty clear message, don’t they? The girl is like, yeah, look at what I got. You like that? Let’s do it. Or at least this is how we feel about all that. Not many sites for real fans of the thong, huh? Well, good news everybody. We have Thong Vixens now. The site was launched by this thing called My Jerk Off Girls Network. So you pretty much know what to expect already. These guys specialize in POV jerk off instruction videos where a girl talks to you and looks you in the eyes as she goes wild in front of the camera. They have around a dozen sites on board, all having different themes. With Thong Vixens, they are exploring the thong fetish territory. Imagine a hot next door babe wearing a pair of sexy thongs telling you what to do with your boner – or giving you a nice hard HJ. Well, she can’t reach you from behind the screen. But with these POV videos, it feels almost real, better than real in fact. The tour features the same animated previews like all other My Jerk Off Girls Network sites. Just look at all these babes flaunting their tiny thongs!

Looks like thongs completely inspire girls to just go all out wild! Or maybe it’s just these next door hotties here at Thong Vixens. The good people at My Jerk Off Girls Network have done a really killer job selecting all kinds of smoking hot amateur chicks to satisfy just about any taste. They are also wearing all kinds of super sexy thongs. Girlie pink, naughty stripper-like pairs, something more swimsuit-y – you are guaranteed to find a pair of thongs that would give you the meanest and the hardest boner ever. What do the girls do in the episodes exactly, you ask? Oh well. A lot of stuff! They don’t just pull their thongs up so the fabric cuts into the soft flesh of their pussies. They play with toys, they give you jerk off instructions (of course) – and they also stroke actual dick. Don’t worry, due to the POV angle used here you will totally think this is your own schlong being stroked. Thong Vixens has categories like big tit thong, Latina in thong, thong jerk off instruction and more. These help you choose exactly the kind of thong fun you are in the mood for. Thong Vixens is part of this 12-site network, so you will just end up bouncing site to site indefinitely. They all feature these first person videos, but recently they started adding POV style hardcore action. A great change, we love it!

Thong Vixens is all about girls who look and feel hot in sexy thongs. They are going to tease your brains out in these high definition first person videos. Get ready to sit back and… Oh wait, you can’t just sit back. They are giving you jerk off instructions! Explore Thong Vixens and other sites in the My Jerk Off Girls Network family, and you will never be able to stop watching. See Thong Vixens now!

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