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Tilas Hot Spot

Tilas Hot Spot

Review date: 16-Jul-2017 06:19. If you’ve ever been to Asia (or dreaming of going there), then you should know that the girls are exotic and straight-up sizzling, like the star of Tila’s Hotspot, the petite and blonde Tila. Membership on Tila’s Hotspot will cost you $ 19.95 for 30 days (recurring). If you’re looking to test the waters before taking on a full membership, there aren’t any trial memberships.

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Tilas Hot Spot

Intro promises:
In Tila’s Hotspot, there are good quality photo galleries and a number of videos that are in the soft core fashion, so if you’re looking for her to do something more, you may be a tad disappointed with tila'shotspot. The site is all about tease and please (which she does very well, I might add). She has this come fuck me look that just rips me to shreds! If there is anything not-so-great to be said about the site is that its collection is still too small to enjoy (even at the price quoted)

Your membership on tila’shotspot also buys you access to her girlfriends’ galleries (who are almost just as hot as Tila), the members only message board and her online diary for the latest dish on this eye-catching (and pant-tightening) hottie. The site focuses a lot on her other talents (if you visit her MySpace page, you can hear her music track called Fuck Ya Man). There is even a number you can call if you’d like this blonde Asian beauty to grace your special events and functions. Overall, Tila’s Hotspot is a good site to visit, as she is one of the more recognizable faces in this genre. It’s almost forgivable that there aren’t that many other features on the site (as it is her talents that are in the spotlight). In terms of value for money, though it may be a good idea to hang onto your money until the collection grows to a considerable size. On any other day though, I would put my money on her anytime.

Guys, the people behind this site listen to you! They are currently making changes to it to make it even better for you to enjoy. You can still visit her MySpace page for more announcements and updates. Till then, chill. She’ll be back!

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