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Tiny 4K

Tiny 4K

Review date: 26-Jun-2014 20:34. Ultra petite girls and awesome-looking 4K resolution. These things to go perfect together, don’t they? Tiny 4K is a brand new site that features tiny horny sluts and big giant cocks and ultra high definition videos that really put you in the middle of the action. How about that? The site offers a plethora of video formats, crazy quality, and a neatly built member area. Let’s see more!

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Tiny 4K

Intro promises:
This thing called 4K seems to be all the rage these days. We barely got used to high definition, right? Turns out it can be even more awesome than that. This 4K thing shows you way more pixels than 1080p full HD even. Imagine the level of detail possible with this kind of stuff. In fact, you don’t really have to imagine. There are sites out there that are switching to 4K making us members really happy. There are Naughty America sites that are switching to 4K, and now we have Tiny 4K. There’s a bit of a niche focus here, and for all of you out there who enjoy watching a tiny petite girl trying to handle a cock that’s bigger than her leg. And at Tiny 4K, this is all entirely possible. This glossy new hardcore porn site has all the tiny sluts, all the huge dicks, all the steamy action, and all the ultra fine-looking 4K movies. Check the tour, doesn’t it all look totally glamorous? Tiny 4K has video previews, a catalog of girls, and quite a detailed explanation of the site’s features. Looks like this is the next generation of porn we are dealing with here. Especially if you are into POV shooting. Imagine how awesome it would look on some serious equipment? Let’s have a closer look at all the goodness of Tiny 4K right now.

Best cameras, hottest girls, and shooting style that rivals Hollywood. This is what they say about Tiny 4K. Let’s see how true is that. Essentially, the site is about these big guys who hook up with these tiny horny girls and let them suck and fuck and stroke the life out of them. A lot of this POV style, and sometimes there is not just one girl, but two. The variety of shoots goes from more realtiy-style pickups to more glamorous things like villas and fancy apartments. Seriously, when you see girls so tiny, so cute, so innocent-looking and so incredibly cock-hungry, you will just go wow. Tiny 4K offers a variety of download options. There is of course the ultra high definition 4K, then there is 720p HD, and 1080p HD as well. WMV as well as MP4 files are offered. Downloads are super fast – and you can imagine with these ultra high resolution 4K movies it may take a while for the whole thing to download. Tiny 4K looks like a great blend between porn that has an arsty touch, reality style action, and impeccable-looking 4K footage. They also have handpicked models, updates several times a week, and a handful of neat user features and options. All in all, Tiny 4K feels like a solid site that you would definitely enjoy if you have serious enough hardware that can handle all these awesome 4K videos.

Tiny 4K seems to combine it all. If you are a fan of petite sluts, ultra high definition 4K content, hardcore sex that's also beautifully filmed, and attention to your needs as a customer, you better choose Tiny 4K right now. The site may not be as huge at the moment, but it definitely has tons of potential and we would love to see it grow. Give it a try right now and you’ll realize what the best porn sites would look and feel like in a couple years from now!

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