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Titan Men

Titan Men

Review date: 5-Nov-2017 05:55. Gather 'round everyone for a little story. Ages ago, before man and gods, the titans ruled all the heavens and the earth. What this has to do with hot, sweaty men, having hardcore sex in pretty much every way possible, I'll leave up to the viewers.'Really, all that matters is what Titan Media and their website, Titan Men, has to offer: Men, men, men and more men.

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Titan Men

Intro promises:
And when we say men, we mean rugged, buff, butch men who aren't afraid to get dirty. You won't find a twink in the bunch. Even the young guys mixed in with the daddies have more testosterone in their heavily muscled right forearm than the average twink has in his whole body. There's also at least a video or two for every fetish and fantasy imaginable. Titan is, after all, a major studio and they have well over a hundred titles available. And a number of them actually have plots. With plenty of hot, hot sex. They've got wide ranging'titles with farmers, wrestlers, ranchers, cops, doctors, athletes, military and even circus folk. Ooh, a circus, I love a circus. (Though clowns in full makeup getting nasty may be borderline nightmare material. Especially if you're afraid of clowns.) Oh yeah, and there is even the occasional girl thrown in. If you're into that sort of thing.'There're also titles available from Titanmen Fresh which seems to be their studio for younger ' though no less buff ' European men. And a lot of the videos have extras like interviews, behind the scenes, extended scenes and all kinds of hot bonuses for inquiring minds.'

One thing that can be kind of tricky, though, is the searching. You can sort through by titles, actors and keywords, but, depending on what keyword you choose, the search might bring up photos along with videos. Which wouldn't be bad, except that for every one video that turns up you have to sort through 20 some individual photos. And, if you click on the video the search brings up, it only opens the lowest speed available. So if you want something of a decent size you have to make note of what video, scene and clip you found then go searching by movie title. It's not the most ideal feature.' And something else that needs to be understood is that this is an On-Demand site. Which essentially means rentals. For both videos and pictures. Nothing's downloadable. The videos are only offered in Flash format with 3 different speeds and sizes. The quality's good, especially for flash, and they stream brilliantly, with you able to jump around pretty much at will. A few of the older videos are available in Windows Media format, so they're downloadable, but also DRM encrypted, so it's still really only viewable so long as you maintain your membership. And some of these must have been uploaded a long time ago, as they're offered in what looks to be dial-up and low quality.

The content's among the best you'll find out there. Titan really does live up to its namesake in the porn industry. The site could just use a little tweaking. And it is kind of a drag that you can't keep anything you watch. But hey, that's what the handy DVD store is for.

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