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Toni Leigh

Toni Leigh

Review date: 16-Jul-2017 07:46. According to her bio, Toni Leigh has a degree in economics (how random is that?). You don’t need a degree to understand her pricing, though: $19.95 a month gets you access to everything on this site. As far as her website goes, tonileigh has some terrific work. The site is incredibly easy to navigate thanks to a side bar of links. I also love the background the site uses.

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Toni Leigh

Intro promises:
The soft gold that gets darker and lighter across the page really accents Toni Leigh’s golden skin and makes her pictures really pop out. As far as the rest of her site’s layout goes, it has a nice, simple look that makes the site very uncluttered and easy to use.

The sites photo gallery, and while it does have a huge amount of content, not all of it is of tonileigh. Instead, some of these photos feature her very sexy friends as they model amazing outfits and strip down. The sites photos are of very good quality, too, and the girls look incredible. Some of them also feature hot fetish action (girls in leather, tied up, etc) and girl on girl action. While it doesn’t have as many videos, the video section does have some nice content showing off the models and their personalities. It’s a little hard to find the videos; each one goes with a photoset, and you have to find that photoset to find the video. The site does link directly to new videos on her updates page, though. The quality is very nice, and you can download the videos. Bonuses at Toni Leigh include her girlfriends section, a bio, a forum, a calendar listing her live appearances, some artwork and casual photos, and a store. The star also updates her site at least once a week, sometimes more, and you can even see her scheduled updates for about a month in advance. Good job, tonileigh, on keeping your site going!

All in all, $19.95 is not a bad price for what this site has to offer. Her exotic friends (some from Asian, some from Europe) are all hot, as it Toni Leigh herself, and her photos are great. She’s softcore, so again, maybe it’s not for everyone, but I’d recommend this site to anyone looking for amazing beauties.

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