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Review date: 13-Sep-2012 05:15. Take a trip to Dominican Republic and see what the country’s craziest cuties are up to – without living your room. Toticos is a smashing new site which documents the adventures of pussy-crazed black dudes in DR, mostly in the beach town of Sosua. The way this site is reality, it just leaves all other reality sites behind. Don’t miss out on this super awesome piece of exotic action!

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Intro promises:
Where do we even begin? It’s hard to start reviewing such a mind-blowing site, really. Toticos is a brand new site with ethnic, interracial, reality and other things mixed in it. Apparently toticos stands for tiny pussies in Dominican slang. The site features the insane sexual adventures a bunch of dudes, mostly hung black studs, have on the beaches of Dominican Republic. You can guess what they do there, right? They cruise and pick up hot, crazy Dominican pussy right off the streets. If you think you’re about to see the same fake reality bullshit most commercial sites try to feed you, forget about it. Toticos is a truly mind-blowing thing made entirely by real dudes – and for real dudes just like you and us. Check the tour, it’s so amateur-looking in every possible way, chaotic, even. This is how you know it wasn’t made by greedy porn moguls! There are quite a few video trailers for you to check out and these are totally fun to watch. Just watch them, man. The guys make a show out of their cruising escapades. There’s music and jokes and laughs and silly stuff and tons of other very entertaining things in these trailers. Also, the stories coming with them are long and awesome. We may as well be looking at the reality site of the year! Let’s dive deeper and see what these wicked Dominican street minxes are up to.

Everything you thought about Dominican Republic turns out to be true. Well, if you thought it’s an easy-going place with cheap booze and hot ass bitches walking around just waiting to be picked up and boned silly. Toticos simply has to be the most reality out of all reality sites we have seen to date. You really feel there’s just a bunch of regular guys behind this thing and nobody else. They love what they do and they’re having tons of fun. Check out their map of that beach town Sosua, it’s hilarious. And the episodes, oh my god. They’re totally smashing. The videos may have been taken with cheaper cameras and shaky and all that, but they feature only real shit and nothing but real shit. The guys drive around picking hot, young, mostly troubled and crazy girls, interview them, take them places and fuck them hard. Everything is as real as it gets. You can see the bitches going crazy, throwing stuff around, or giggling, or playing hard to get, or just about anything else. Also, their brown booty and their tight Dominican pussy are impossible to stop looking at. This is the real adventure right in front of you, the next best thing to actually going to DR and doing all this insane stuff yourself! We loved every second of every episode Toticos has to offer and we hope the guys keep going till these Sosua sluts drain them dry and empty.

The whole reality porn concept just got a new meaning. Toticos is completely DIY with goofy trailers, shaky cameras, insane sluts picked up in Dominican Republic, and unscripted sex which is so much more fun to watch than everything else pretending to be reality. We cannot recommend Toticos enough, especially if you’re into natural, and also naturally crazy Dominican booty. The girls are young, they speak some English, and they’re down to fuck. What else do you need? If there ever was a way of getting the kicks of hooking up with random DR pussy without going there, this is it. Start now!

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