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Trannies in the Hood

Trannies in the Hood

Review date: 17-Apr-2014 14:20. Beware, trannies of the hood! There are gangs of wild, hung, horny studs out there, and once they spot some young tranny ass, they’re not gonna miss it. Trannies in the Hood is an all-new, ass-kicking website featuring HD tranny gangbang videos you don’t wanna miss. Huge black and white cock, tight teen tranny ass, and lots of dirty action!

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Trannies in the Hood

Intro promises:
These big black boys of the hood are a real danger to any sexy tranny ass – in a very sexual way, that is. Trannies in the Hood is a sparkling new site which brings the extremes of ghetto gangbangs into the tranny world. Isn’t it amazingly simple and also outrageously sexy? The combination sounds just right. Big mean guys with heavy missile sized dicks, and a sexy young tranny all wet for action. Bring them all together, and you have a blast. Right now the blast is called Trannies in the Hood, and apparently this is one of the newest and most promising tranny porn sites out there. Got hard yet? Trannies in the Hood seems like a pretty high quality production. Check out the site’s free zone before you enter. That is, if your imagination is not giving you enough details about how damn hot the entire thing can be! Well, even if it does give you those details, don’t miss out on the previews anyway. Trannies in the Hood features a pretty detailed tour area with a video trailer and a generous bunch of episode previews. Big, crisp, quality-looking images, ain’t it nice? The trailer contains the highlights of what’s going on inside. Thick, long black dick, trannies caught between several needy studs, extreme tranny sex action to the limit. This is what the thing seems to be about, and you should totally see it all in its glory.

The positive impression which Trannies in the Hood starts building outside is pretty much supported when you get in. The site can be really proud of its content collection. Shooting everything in genuine HD, the production team upload the movies and the pictures in great resolution. Those 720p videos run at around 20 minutes, and when you want to see the pictures, you will be choosing from 120+ high resolution images. How much extreme tranny porn can you fit into these amounts? Apparently, a lot. The episodes just kick serious ass and that’s it. Often set outdoors, they all feature badass ghetto gangbangs you won’t be able to watch without squirting. The guys are big, hung and horny, and the trannies are young, sexy, with bubbly butts and really amazing tranny jugs. You will totally enjoy watching moaning tranny sluts take turns pleasing some serious ghetto dick. It’s always about a gangbang, the beautiful trannies are always sandwiched between three guys who are working their schlongs all the way into the first hole they can get. All the material here is exclusive, and it definitely feels this way. This is the first ghetto tranny gangbang site we have ever come across, and damn it rocked our world. Trannies in the Hood features exclusive HD content and regular updates, what else can you wish for? Check it out and let the ghetto madness begin!

Trannies in the Hood explores a very intense and sexy fantasy of ghetto boys gangbanging the crap out of young sexy trannies. The action never stops being wild and extreme here. The site is loaded with generous amounts of exclusive HD content and there’s always more to be added. All the episodes have this reality feel to them, so you can totally imagine something like that happening in your area. Well, if you spot a tranny gangbang, make sure you join the guys in their quest for more tight tranny butt!

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