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Trans 500

Trans 500

Review date: 14-Aug-2013 08:15. Do you like hot tgirls? Maybe, porn networks with different sites and a lot videos to download? Last but not least, perhaps you enjoy porn with an edge, a twist, and a story? If you answered yes to these, Trans 500 is the place to see. This network is as new and fresh as it gets, and some content they offer is unbelievable. Looks like there’s a long road of adventures ahead of us!

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    22.0 of 25
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    23.0 of 25
  • Design and usability
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    15.0 of 20
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    8.0 of 10
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    16.0 of 20

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Trans 500

Intro promises:
Usually it’s either quality or quantity. It’s very rare that you see both in one thing; it’s even rarer that you see both in an adult website. However, sometimes it just happens. It happens and it makes all of us happy. We're talking tranny porn here, and not just some faceless, soulless, meaningless, boring kind of thing. The network we would like all tgirl porn fans out there to find out about it called Trans 500. It’s a very young project and it’s still growing. However, they already have 3 different sites in addition to the network’s main site – which is also quite a content treasury. If you’re following our reviews, you’ll recognize the name. We have profiled a bunch of them Trans 500 sites around here, now it’s time for the bigger thing. Trans 500 brings all the content the guys are making available to you together under one roof. The tour is a great place to start your Trans 500 experience. Check the sites, you’ll see TS Girlfriend Experience, I Kill It TS, and Trans at Play listed there. Among other stuff, that is, like episode previews or the catalog of their TS models. Putting it simple, these 3 are the coolest new tranny porn sites that we know about. All them together within one login and for the price of just 1 site? You gotta be kidding!

Turns out these people are not kidding at all. Trans 500 is still very young, we figure it was literally launched about a month ago or so. Still, there is a lot to see. With three sites and the main network hub all bundled together into one very affordable and enjoyable membership, Trans 500 is hard to ignore. This is what you call seamless. The site lets you jump from episode to episode, see different models, use tags or categories, browse the content by sites or by freshness – and do so much more. Each site is different. TS Girlfriend Experience features TS escorts doing their glamorous and dirty job in European capitals. I Kill It TS is a fun site about this horse hung tranny pussy fan who can’t last a day without wrecking a tgirl fuckjole or three. Trans at Play got the web’s hottest and most passionate tgirls from all over the globe brought together in really blood-boiling scenes. It all comes to you as crystal clear HD footage and very neat-looking pictures. Needless to say, everything is downloadable and within your membership you can enjoy the site’s entire collection without any limits. Trans 500 has several strong sides, but we probably enjoyed their choice of models the most. Asian, Latina, American and more, they are unique, gorgeous, and they love sex. All the variety in one place, in great quality, and always with a promise of more, this is Trans 500!

Trans 500 is the kind of adult site network all sites out there should follow the example of. They got a growing content selection, they have sites which are unique and have their own story. They also feature tgirls of most sought after types, origins, shapes, and colors. On top of all that, they have edgy, honest, cock-exploding eye-popping TS fucking filmed in HD! For the price of just one site, you get access to a growing family of sites which has every sign of getting more and more awesome with each new update. See it all now!

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