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Transexual Man

Transexual Man

Review date: 16-Oct-2017 05:49. Buck Angel is, without a doubt, a man. A big, strapping, leather-wearing, tattoo-sporting, cigar-smoking biker man. He’s got a bald head, a goatee, a huge, broad chest and shoulders, muscled arms, and a pleasingly hairy body. In fact, in many ways, Buck is almost overly male: macho, stereotypically masculine in ways that might seem offensive in an biological male. Except he’s also got a pussy.

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Transexual Man

Intro promises:
For years we’ve seen “chicks with dicks” dominate the transsexual scene; now Buck, the self-professed “only FTM (female-to-male) transsexual on the web,” and “man with a pussy,” gets it on with his friends – male, female, and trans – for us all to see, and in as many different ways as possible. A kind of flip-side of Joanna Jet, Buck owns his pussy in the same way Joanna owns her cock, while still existing completely in the gender he has chosen for himself, not the one he was born with. Until Buck takes off his pants, there is no question. And once he does, he might fuck someone with his hand or a strap-on, might get fucked in the pussy or the ass, but one thing never seems to change: Buck is the uber-male, the top, the dominant, the Master, in every scene. He is a man with a pussy, a clit he calls a cock, and a strap-on he can use or take off as he so chooses. It makes one wonder: who’s more of a man?

Even if you’re not into this sort of thing, it’s worth it to visit just to confirm that originality in porn is not, in fact, dead. This is something you don’t see every day, and it’s fascinating, challenging, and hot. Perhaps the most mind-blowing thing of all is the “before” galleries, where you can see what Buck looked like when he was a woman. It’s not something most transsexuals reveal publicly, and it feels like a treat as a result. (It doesn’t hurt that he was hot then, too.) The site is relatively new, less than a year old, and there isn’t as much content as one might wish. There are currently 33 video clips on the site, all of them very short, less than five minutes. Some of them don’t stream as prettily as others, some of them seem to use cameras on tripods, set too far away to really get into the action, and some of them are shot almost too close. (Though watch the brief “Eat Out Buck” to see Angel’s marvelously enlarged clit up close.)

But there are galleries full of fun scenes, solo, with boys, and with girls, most of them heavily tattooed and pierced in beautiful ways and decked in copious leather, and while the photography isn’t quite artistic, it’s certainly vivid and plentiful. Buck also offers webcam shows (schedule on the site), links to free live chat sites, and galleries from “friends’” sites, including DarkPlay and the gorgeous male-to-female transsexual, Saigon Lee. At a mere fifteen bucks a month recurring, you can’t beat the value for content you definitely won’t see anywhere else.

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