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Trixies Houseboy

Trixies Houseboy

Review date: 25-Oct-2017 08:02. I’ve always said that the great 21st century porno revolution would be all about do-it-yourself smut. People will eventually get tired of fake boobs, fake tans, fake gays, and fake orgasms. They’ll turn to sex blogs and genuine amateur websites run by real people who love sex and have an undeniable exhibitionist streak in them.

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Trixies Houseboy

Intro promises:
Kinky couples of all body types, ages, sexes and sexualities will show the world all the different ways there are to have sex, and gay and straight porn will collide into one pan-sexual genre. The freaks shall inherit the porn. For now, I have glimpsed the future of porn and it’s called Trixies Houseboy. The site is run by Trixie, a super cool, super smart, super sexy chick (read her blog on the site if you want proof), dedicated to documenting the sexual exploits of the hot stud in her life, her boyfriend Tucker. She’s the brains behind this operation, running three other indie porn sites, and Tucker is the pretty face. And if you think his face is pretty, you should see his dick!

Tucker is pretty much the only attraction here. All the videos and still galleries are of him jerking off in a bewildering array of locations and scenarios. The boy pulls his pud everywhere from Chimney Rock to the North Dakota Badlands to a suspension bridge. He also enjoys dressing up and role playing. There are galleries in which he’s a dapper business man, a thug with a forty of Miller Hi-Life, a firefighter, and in drag as his alter ego, Delia. There are a few galleries and clips that feature Tucker with Trixie and other women. Some feature Trixie dominating and humiliating him from behind the camera. Others just show Tucker enjoying some pussy. And then there are the weird, silly videos that really show off Tucker and Trixies’s sense of humor, like Tucker jerking off on a pair of chocolate lips or fucking a jar of mayonnaise, or Trixie spraying her houseboy’s ass with silly string. These clips are fun, but they’re also sexy, skewing a little towards the kinky end of the spectrum. Actually, almost everything about Trixies Houseboy is skewed. The site defies genre. It’s not really gay, not really straight. It could appeal to gays, straight girls, kinky folk, or cross-dressers. It is a beautiful amalgamation of sexual proclivities that highlights the indefinable, the gray matter and/or area of sexuality. It’s porn for people who think about sex, who pick it apart only to discover more salacious confusion. It’s a lot like watching the sex life of a real couple. In fact, the site has 24-hour voyeur cams that peer into Tucker and Trixies’s day-to-day lives. You can watch them fucking, jerking off, or just watching TV with their dog. They each have blogs set up on the site, so you can get to know them even more intimately.

Oh yeah, there’s also some bonus material--links to a few gay sites, some cam sites--that probably won’t leave an impression. After all, none of them hold a candle to the postmodern hotness that is Trixies Houseboy.

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