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TS Chelsea Marie

TS Chelsea Marie

Review date: 19-Feb-2018 05:24. Chelsea Marie could be the biggest star in today’s shemale porn industry. Here, biggest has a literal meaning. With her large thick cock and cumshots that are even larger and thicker, Chelsea is a total delight. She also has a rocking body, sexy tats, and passion for everything challenging and filthy. TS Chelsea Marie is her brand new personal online boudoir, ready to be enjoyed.

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TS Chelsea Marie

Intro promises:
Recently we have seen a whole bunch of solo sites of tranny, shemale and ladyboy pornstars being launched and getting quite a cult following. Shemale porn fans love a solo site. What’s not to love? You get to experience all the great things and the quirks about your favorite performer, you get (usually) a nice selection of fresh stuff to watch, and in many cases there are special features for the fans. Like custom shoots, or signed stuff, or whatever else. TS Chelsea Marie here is no exception. It’s one of the newest TS pornstar sites launched recently. Well, actually, it may just be the newest. Fans know Chelsea Marie from the tons of very watchable and very jack off worthy tranny erotica released by, ba-bam, Grooby Productions. You probably know the name, and if you don’t, shame on you. These people brought us tons of great sites and titles, and brought tens of performers to star status. Anyway, TS Chelsea Marie is their newest effort, targeted at those who want more of this classy tall babe with a big package and a lot of cum to share. The words solo site do not mean all sets here have to be solo. The tour here at TS Chelsea Marie will explain the situation. Don’t miss the free video trailers! The design may look a bit dated, but we are sure this was done on purpose. All these gradients and bevels, don’t they just evoke memories about the time when porn used to be so much more exciting? With Chelsea Marie, it’s that exciting right now!

Boy, is this a riot. We got excited right away because the site refers to Chelsea Marie as pansexual. This does sound cool. What it means in reality is that Chelsea welcomes tgirls, dudes, and regular girls to fuck her, and she doesn’t at all mind fucking back once in a while. In terms of content, TS Chelsea Marie offers MP4 videos and high resolution photos. The former, as long as they are in that format, play perfectly on computers and other devices. The latter come in 1,700px resolution and are pretty well-taken. They are bundled into 100+ image galleries. The versatile approach of the content collection is definitely a strong point of TS Chelsea Marie. Solo shoots are quite interesting, especially the ones where Chelsea stuffs her hungry ass with all sorts of toys. She’s also wearing naughty-looking catsuits. Combine that with her tats and her body and her big thing down there, and you have a boner. Shoots with other tgirls and with hung studs are no slouch either. There’s plenty of nasty sex in each episode, and the cumshots Chelsea Marie is able to produce one after another are of staggering size and stickiness. Turns out it is true what they say about her, she’s hot, she’s hung, and she cums buckets! TS Chelsea Marie is quite a fun site, and of course there are extra features here. Yes, custom shoots included. If you like Chelsea, you will enjoy her all-new personal site.

TS Chelsea Marie is a brand new solo shemale pornstar site. Well, solo only means she’s the star here. There are other tgirls, girls, and dudes here, all engaging in all sorts of dirty sexual acts with sexy Chelsea. Tall, beautiful, tattooed, hung beyond belief and able to shoot like a garden hose, Chelsea Marie is the can’t miss thing happening in tranny porn these days. Discover TS Chelsea Marie right now and become a happy fan of Chelsea who never runs out of hot fresh stuff to beat his meat to!

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