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Tuktuk Patrol

Tuktuk Patrol

Review date: 23-Dec-2012 13:28. Some dudes just have all the fucking fun! Tuktuk Patrol is a unique new site about these guys cruising the streets of Thailand in these little carriages called tuktuks, looking for fresh Thai pussy to bone – and finding plenty of it. Forget all the commercial porn with these fake Thai chicks you had to watch before. Tuktuk Patrol is the real deal, stories from the sin-filled streets.

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Tuktuk Patrol

Intro promises:
Thailand is not just about these tranny bitches, okay? The place is great for some awesome pussy, and tons of guys go there every year to hook up with the petite, exotic, shy Thai slut of their dreams. Maybe you’ve done that, maybe not. One thing is for sure, you’re about to enjoy what the guys at Tuktuk Patrol do here. Let us rush things here a little bit for a while. This is hands down the most authentic and the most real Thai porn site we have ever seen. Once this has been said, let us proceed, okay? Tuktuk is, if you don’t know, this tiny cabin cycle, a kind of rickshaw, if you will, which is immensely popular in Thailand. Wasted dudes just like you are using these tuktuks to cruise the dirty neighborhoods where all the red light fun happens, looking for tiny Thai pussies to fill with their white meat and their imported sperm. These guys at Tuktuk Patrol, they take these tuktuk trips, spot a hot bitch, teen or MILF, talk to her, take her to a hotel, and film her getting fucked. May sound simple, but there are so many details to this whole thing, you won’t believe it. Tuktuk Patrol has this tour, and the tour has these trailers, and the trailers have these stories telling you what happened thing by thing. Boy are these stories long! This is how you know shit is for real. There are actual guys into Thai pussy here, and all this stuff actually happens to them. Let’s see more.

Tuktuk Patrol really stands out of just about any bunch of sites you may want to compare it to. And it’s not just about having real Thai girls here, not some paid performers bored out of their minds. You can feel this is a labor of love, something the guys behind the site definitely enjoy doing. The videos are lengthy, detailed, they give you immense insight into what’s actually going on in the streets of Bangkok and other places. The awkwardness, the talking, the shyness, the spontaneous stuff, it’s all here. You never know how things will turn out. This one time when they picked up two sisters, one skinny and one kinda chubby with this giant rack, this was the best story ever. Some of these Thai girls are total babes, some are more average-looking. Some are younger, some are on the MILF side. Whatever kind of girl it is, the thrill is always here, it’s like you’re in this fucking tiny tuktuk yourself, trying to score with a hot Thai slut! Another detail – no rubber. This is quite crazy, huh? But what the hell, you only live once, as they say. As long as you only live once, you just can’t miss these reality HD videos which not only look good, but have great soundtracks, authentic Thai music. All this stuff combined totally makes you feel like you’re in the sin-filled Thailand streets!

Exotic has never been more real and more fun. Tuktuk Patrol is all about these dudes who use these little rickshaw vehicles to do some reconnaissance in the streets of Thailand’s touristy and not so touristy locations, cruising the hoods for hot Thai pussy. You never know who they hook up with, but it’s always total fun. Real stuff, real sex, bareback, too, very real videos in high definition. Definitely recommended for fans of the exotic and for those who never dared to hook up with a foreign girl in the streets – but get a boner when thinking about it! A site not to be missed.

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