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Twisted Females

Twisted Females

Review date: 23-Apr-2013 19:36. POV femdom porn, apparently it’s all the rage today. If you haven’t found out about it yet, Twisted Females is a 7+ site network which features POV femdom flicks covering all sorts of humiliation from small dick to cuckolding, bi fantasies, smelly socks and much, much more. We are pretty sure Twisted Females is already a household name in next generation femdom erotica. See why!

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Twisted Females

Intro promises:
There are ladies out there who don’t need to play dressup and pretend to be something they’re not. They can subdue you and turn you into their whimpering sissy slave just like that, just by being themselves. If you are a femdom erotica fan, you have surely heard about this POV thing, when the Domme talks into the camera and does everything she needs to do to turn you into her hapless servant. We are absolute fans of this genre, and recently, a network called Twisted Females has been ruling the entire scene. It consists of a bunch of individual sites, of which there are 7 right now. We have given some of these sites due attention here, just browse our review archive back a little. Time has come to take a look at the network site, at the hub from which humiliation and domination spread into smaller, more niche-focused areas. In other words, let’s take a look at what the Twisted Females site is all about. The tour has this tube layout, and this is not really surprising. When you think about it, it’s the easiest way to give you access to plenty of videos and let you choose what you want. Individual sites cover different areas while Twisted Females itself seems to be a source of comprehensive humiliation, femdom, and sissification. Well, if you think you’re worthy, let’s step inside and have a look!

If you remember, all the sites in the Twisted Females family got pretty high review ratings from us. But now that we have seen the hub, the site which rules them all, we are absolutely head over heels in love with it. Why? Just because it takes videos from all the participating sites and uses them all to create a comprehensive and pretty damn mind-blowing experience. Think about it, in just one click you could be dominated by a nasty girl with beautiful feet, then by a girl who urges you to bust your nut into your palm and eat your own load, and then another girl would taunt your tiny dick. You don’t even have to be that much into being dominated and humiliated to enjoy it. Although enjoy may not be the right word. This stuff just sticks to you, you know. Maybe it’s because the whole POV femdom thing is still fresh. Maybe it’s because these downloadable HD videos in multiple formats are so damn well-made. But we are sure about one thing. Twisted Females will rock your world. It’s a great network hub bringing together some of the most original sites in the entire niche. If you are at least a bit into femdom erotica and innovation, you will stay a member of Twisted Females for months and months on end. When humiliation feels this glorious, you just don’t want to end it.

Twisted Females is an amazing new network with a whole bunch of great sites in it. They never stop adding more sites, but we just stop and ask ourselves, how many more areas of femdom can they possibly cover? The network hub has a very unassuming look – but it churns out great POV femdom videos covering all sorts of subniches and fantasies right in your face. If this is not a femdom, fetish, and kinky erotica site you’ll love, then we don’t know what is. A must see for just about anyone!

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