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Unfaithful Housewives

Unfaithful Housewives

Review date: 3-Jul-2014 18:25. Bad girls have all the fun, even, or maybe especially when they are married! Unfaithful Housewives is an all-new, action-filled site with beautiful married women doing things their husbands would hate to find out about. Whether coworkers or the proverbial pizza guy, these women just take what they want and need most and it’s nothing but thick dick!

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Unfaithful Housewives

Intro promises:
Being a housewife must be really boring. Well, probably at least until you end up on Unfaithful Housewives! There’s something so thrilling about knowing some married women out there fight their boredom with some random guy’s fat dick. Maybe you are a married man and you are turned on by this entire cuckolding thing. Or perhaps you are a guy who gets the kicks out of hooking up with these very housewives. Whatever the situation here, Unfaithful Housewives will be an exciting experience. The site was only recently launched and the interesting thing about it is that it was launched as part of the 4-site network. These fresh pieces of porn goodness totally deserved our attention, and in fact Unfaithful Housewives is the last site from the bunch to be reviewed by us. Check out our previous stories, these are all pretty interesting creations. Anyway, this housewife site here is similar to its fellow sites. In fact, not only that it’s similar, it’s also built into the same unified member area, so you can jump between sites easily and access the entire collection of content (quite a large one) seamlessly. But let’s not hurry here. Savor the site’s free zone loaded with preview episodes most of which have video trailers, sample pictures and a bit of other interesting details like rating, models etc. Quite an impressive tour zone we should say, very resourceful! Also, quite inviting – so we’re going in.

We just hope you devoted a fair amount of time to previewing what this site got in the tour area. It’s all gonna be even more fun from now on! Unfaithful Housewives, like we already told you, comes as part of a 4-site network. What it means is that these 4 sites have a unified member area and a common model catalog. We’d say it’s a good thing. If you are specifically into one thing, like these housewives, or some stuff off other sites, the extensive categorization and sorting options will let you get only the content you want. On the other hand, the deal you get as a porn consumer just gets 4 times better! Anyway, you have a selection of episodes here, featuring gorgeous, even glamorous women hooking up with big, hung studs while husband is out somewhere. As you would expect, these ladies are not teens, probably on the MILF side. On the best MILF side ever, we should add. The locations are quite exquisite, with pools, cool homes etc, and the ladies are just as well-groomed, classy and action-craving. The stories help you get into the atmosphere of infidelity, and the great quality videos up to 30 min plus 100-something picture sets let you enjoy the adulterous action as much as you want. Pretty wives, guilt and lust powered fucking, great quality footage, what else could we possibly want?

In the housewife market, few sites look and feel as Unfaithful Housewives. With a great, detailed and honest tour area paired with an extensive and content-rich member zone, the site is nothing less but awesome. You get to see all sorts of MILFish ladies going sinful right after the husband steps out of the door, and you’re gonna enjoy doing so. The deal includes 3 other sites with their very own content, no less great for sure. The network is not huge, not dozens of sites at least yet, but all of these are very well planned and built. Enjoy!

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