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Review date: 14-Aug-2010 12:35. With Unglory Hole, you’ll watch horny straight guys get some superior glory hole service thinking it’s a girl. But we know these are all guys willing to suck a straight stud off! The site is fun, full of surprises, and very well made. Unglory Hole adds so much to the glorious American glory hole experience. Straightness shattered, cum all over the booth!

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Intro promises:
There is just something so tempting and appealing about the entire concept of straight. It’s their being so distant from the gay context that makes them so desirable. It kinda brings out your dirtiest sides, right? We mean, what wouldn’t we do to get off with a guy who had straight written all over him only minutes ago? At Unglory Hole, innocent straight studs are lured into a glory hole adventure which, for them, starts as an opportunity to be blown by a lovely babe. But no! The one to suck their meaty cocks is actually a willing guy who drives them all the way to a messy orgasm. How wrong it is? Not too wrong, you will think, when you check out how hot it really is. With the generously offered pictures and video trailers you can enjoy in the free area of Unglory Hole, it’s no big of a deal. The site is a neatly designed and organized product from the company which brought you Haze Him for example. No bullshit, funny attitude, clear design, and tempting video samples, this is what Unglory Hole is all about. Add the concept on top of all that, and you totally get the impression this is not your average gay porn site. Not even your average glory hole porn site. Well, this is just so true.

Unglory Hole is pretty damn new. Seriously, it’s so damn new the total amounts of content may seem too small. But hey, the site is growing, new stuff appears here once a week. In fact, it means new hot guys get tricked into the gayest glory hole experience they can only have. And this is something. The videos stream at 720x408 pixels. The quality is crystal clear and the speeds are terrific. You don’t have to waste time waiting for this or that piece of action to start. You get to see a bit of talking with all these innocent, almost silly men talked into the glory hole experience of their life time in an adult store booth. They are so damn enthusiastic, just about as enthusiastic as the gay men which blow their cocks through the glory hole. Man, you gotta see these straight dudes pushing their cocks further into the hole, for the guy behind the wall to have more of their length. This is straight to gay beauty at its finest. The entire thing is often filmed with a split screen. You get to see both the happy sucking gay dude and the happy straight dude getting sucked off. They don’t see each other but you see both of them at the same time. Pretty fantastic! The concept is dirty and wrong on so many levels, and this is what makes the site such a tease.

Unglory Hole is proper planning and proper production brought together. The site is centered around a dirty and fun concept which is taken further with impeccable video production, great user friendly design and some of the best glory hole scenes you can only hope to see. The site is growing fast. It’s pretty young at the moment, but it won’t be long before it will be as packed as older, more established sites. By that time, Unglory Hole will surely kick their competitor asses!

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