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Unique Sexy Girls

Unique Sexy Girls

Review date: 26-Dec-2016 10:19. What struck me from the very first page of the visitor preview was the deliciously dirty babe and the inviting look she had. I did not get the impression that this was just another porn site. Instead, I was intrigued by what combination of dirty delights the makers of Unique Sexy Girls provided.

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Unique Sexy Girls

Intro promises:
The seemingly endless permutations and combinations of kinks combined to entertain adults never cease to amaze me, and Unique Sexy Girls certainly deserves its title. It took but one more click of the mouse to have that mystery resolved as well. This site features a unique mix of popular adult kinks and fetishes - each done well. The categories covered here include: big tits, big pussy lips, big nips, mature women over 40, asses, stretched cunts, very hairy, pregnant, and the ever famous "other" niche. Now, is that dirty or what! I think the makers of this site must have been keeping track of what porn surfers have been watching or looking for to come up with as deadly a dirty combination as this. The opportunity for explicit carnal activity is available and explored in many of these hot topics.

When you find your way into the members' area, the site design is just as clear as the tour. You can clikc right into the niche of your interest. I checked out all of the categories and from what I found, picture galleries and video galleries are the main mode of entertainment here. The galleries are very neatly thumbnailed and cross referenced. Don't be surprised to find some galleries included in multiple categories - after all, pregnant women can be hairy and with big tits as well. This has to be one of the cleanest and simplest designed sites I've seen in a while, so perfect score for navigation. The photos are crystal clear, sharp (including 800x532 pixel resolution) and are bang on the topics. As the overlap between galleries makes it difficult to get a perfect count, here's what I found: Very Hairy (26 galleries), Big Pussy Lips (19 galleries), Preggo (25 galleries), Big Nips (22 galleries), Mature 40+ (25 galleries), Big Tits (21 galleries), Great Asses (21 galleries), Wives (14 galleries), and Stretched Cunts (15 galleries). I almost wrapped up this review without even mentioning video galleries, because I did not discover them until I got to the very bottom of the topics - gonna have to deduct a point from the navigation now. In addition to picture sets for each of the niches, there are videos for members as well.

Ok, you can call me a perve, but I could not help myself from checking out the stretched pussy photos and videos. Usually, this niches features older babes on their way out to porn pasture, but I was intrigued by how hot and young the female self fisters and monster toy fuckers were. The videos are totally sharp and can be $9.99 is the cost of 3 days trial ($14.99 for 30 days, $29.99 for 90 days, $49.99 for 180 days). Unique Sexy Girls is straight forward, to the point, and it truly delivers on all its unique promises!

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