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VI Pissy

VI Pissy

Review date: 25-Nov-2013 09:16. Hold on to your seat, people, a complete and utter pissing extravaganza is about to begin! VIPissy is a site with a curious name and with pissing fetish sex action that’s completely out of control. Get ready to see European boys and girls peeing on each other as they fuck, fucking each other as they pee, taste each other’s golden juice, and just drown the entire place in pee-wee.

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VI Pissy

Intro promises:
Things have been sort of quiet on the pissing fetish scene. But this very scene will no longer be the same. You will no longer be the same either. All because this rocking new site called VIPissy just went live. You think it’s a bit too loud an intro? Wait till you see the real thing! You may have been happy with simple, slow-paced videos where girls would do their best to tinkle into a jar and not die of shame. Perhaps you would even pay to access online erotica of this kind. But no more. VIPissy is complete, utter, and unstoppable pissing fetish and pissing sex madness. This brand new site pretty much takes everything that was too wild for you to even imagine before, and shoots it in 1080p HD. VIPissy is all about European boys and girls who are pretty much willing to push this pissing thing as far as they possibly can. Tinkling on a boner before riding it? Taking a leak on a sexy Czech bitch’s head as she reads aloud? Urinating in a slut’s mouth and then fucking this very mouth? Heck, this is just the beginning. VIPissy has a modern, fresh-looking, very well-structured tour that just never lets you go. There are episode previews, there’s one super long and super crazy video trailer. There are also site features, and there are models. We see no reason to not get an account with this place immediately! That is, if you are even slightly aroused by peeing, of course!

You probably know not that many peeing-themed sites have been launched recently. Total bullshit, right? VIPissy pretty much compensates for the long exhausting wait. This place covers it all from solo pee play all the way to piss-splattered orgies and fuckfests. Must be a European thing, really. It might be illegal to film all this shit in the US! VIPissy is a fresh new site with dozens of exclusive in-house updates in the member area already. The quality is nothing short of eye candy. The highest quality mode is original 1080p HD coming as MP4 files, with a few lower quality modes also available. Full length videos playing at 10 to 25 minutes are like over 1,000 Mbytes big! The videos are colorful, well-filmed, full of action, and everything you see is just soaked with salty pee. The tag system does have a few curious tags in there, like pussy wash, rinse job, or ‘crazy’, for some reason. Still, the tags let you locate exactly the insane peeing porn you want to see now. With no holds barred and no inch of the bodies left unsoaked in fresh urine, VIPissy is simply the most and entertaining pee fetish site ever. Go for solo shoots with curious girls playing with themselves as they tinkle, or watch studs and sluts cover themselves in golden juice as they fuck. The choice is yours. One thing is for sure, we’re staying members here forever. With the level of obscenity and dedication to the pissing scene, VIPissy is an absolute winner.

Rejoice, pissing erotica fans, your time has come. VIPissy has everything you may ever wanted to see. It has all the crazy stuff caught on 1080p HD MP4 videos and high resolution photos! The content is really well-filmed, but the quality can only be matched by obscenity and insanity of the whole thing. From solo pee play to urine-drenched fuckfests, nothing is censored or hidden. Make sure you have paper towels nearby, things are going to get messy pretty damn soon! See VIPissy now!

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