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Video Sexperts

Video Sexperts

Review date: 8-Nov-2017 06:42. A site like this should appeal strongly to those looking for a lot of different porn movies all in one location. The high quality videos look really nice and there are some great viewing options and the daily updates always keep things fresh. The selection of movies is top notch and hardcore fans will be especially pleased. There are a growing number of these types of sites out there and with what this one has to offer it should deserve a place near the top of the list.

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    15.3 of 25
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    15.4 of 25
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    12.2 of 20
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    6.0 of 10
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    11.9 of 20

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Video Sexperts

Intro promises:
Video Sexperts is a large online DVD style site. They have over 2700 full length DVDs for you to watch. You can watch the movies in online streams or download them to your computer. The site features a very nice selection of different types of movies and an efficient browse/search system that allows you to sift through all this content very easily.

The site has a pretty basic system going. You simply pick DVD you want to watch and you are taken to its area of the site where you will find the DVD broken down by scenes. You can watch each scene in online streams or you can download the scene to your computer. The movies are in WMV format (although the online streams are in Flash format) and there are three different quality levels to choose from. The lowest level movies are average at best. They are kind of grainy and broken up and nothing really great. The mid level movies are a nice step up. They are clearer and look better but do still break up some at full screen size. The highest level movies are DVD quality, very clean and clear and look fantastic.. The action covers many different niches from MILFs to lesbian, amateur to gangbangs and there is even a nice collection of fetish movies to choose from. Each movie has a lot of thumbnails for you to preview each scene with and the flash online player loaded fast and played very well so watching the action in the online streams is very easy. I really enjoyed the amount of movies and diversity of the different types of movies they offer. Many of the movies also offer you and IPOD and PSP download option as well.

If I have any complaints it is that some of the larger movies take a little while to download and the way the models directory is laid out is a little bit strange. Once you get the hang of things though it is pretty easy to get around the site and those are only minor details in what is otherwise a very nice site.

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