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Virtual Kendall

Virtual Kendall

Review date: 17-Jun-2017 07:02. Kendall always lets you choose the position. Whatever you choose, pussy, ass, cowgirl, from behind, missionary, she seems to love every new thrust just like the last one. And it’s totally up to you how fast these thrusts are going to be. Kendall is hot as hell, she never complains, and is literally ready to seduce and tease you 24/7. Wanna know more?

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Virtual Kendall

Intro promises:
A hot ass girlfriend who never says no and literally wants or does nothing else than milking your rock hard dick? Well, yeah, in a wet dream, maybe. Life is a little more complex than that, buddy. You can’t just expect a woman to fulfil your sexual needs nonstop and do nothing else. Or can you? Well, with Virtual Kendall, you can have such a lady in your life. There’s this one minor detail. She’s a sex sim. A 3D character. Digital animation, basically. But with a bit of imagination, that’s almost as good as the real thing, right? Progress is unstoppable these days, and if virtual reality porn with real people is so popular, why can’t a 3D sex simulation be just as popular? Mind you, Virtual Kendall is quite the firecracker. This petite yet extremely curvy blonde is the unstoppable sex machine you always wanted. Check out the catchy free tour to see what this little devil is capable of. A really well-designed tour, don’t you think? Look at all these juicy ass previews. Basically, Kendall is this perpetually naked 3D character you kinda control but who kinda has a bit of independence at the same time. We know, sounds a bit too complicated. Let’s just get inside and see what’s up with Kendall and everything she enjoys doing. She’s irresistible, can’t you tell already? Let’s find out everything we can.

At first you may think, this is some weird fucked up shit. Kendall is not 100% lifelike, is she? As in, realistic? She does look a bit like a 3D character. So would it really work when she’s not one hundred percent like a real life woman? Totally. Just give her a try and soon you will totally feel regular women are inferior. Kendall does have her strong sides, of course. She’s a total tease who literally lives to seduce and arouse you. And satisfy, of course. Would you be able to say anything like that about a ‘normal’ girl? Unlikely. A great part of the Virtual Kendall experience is your ability to control things. At certain points of your exploration she just literally asks whether you are going to do her in her mouth or ass or whatever. You make the choice on your screen, and there you have it, tight little Kendall milking your pulsing rod — again. So many different scenarios, this is like having a smoking hot girlfriend and like an infinite amount of money to spend on trips all around the world! Warning, Virtual Kendall may become an addiction for real. The very interesting and appealing 3D animation, the simple yet functional controls, the hot, very well pictured sex that gets you going. This is all Virtual Kendall, and trust us, there’s no stopping for you any time soon. Virtual Kendall puts you in control of naughty little Kendall, plus, there are her friends here too. She totally does not mind if you get it on with them as well. In fact, why don’t you do them all at the same time?

Virtual Kendall is a very interesting endeavor. It’s a 3D sex sim that sets new standards in the genre. Try something unusual and explore the world and life of Kendall, a scorching hot blonde that never stops being horny — for you. The site is a never-ending adventure where Kendall teases you and you fuck her. The way you choose, at the speed you want, in the location you like. This whole thing may take a little getting used to, but overall Virtual Kendall is a great 3D sex sim you should totally try!

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