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Vivid Amateurs

Vivid Amateurs

Review date: 24-Oct-2017 07:48. At Vivid Amateurs, they vow to bring you the next series of Vivid girls. What’s a Vivid girl? Vivid, one of the world’s leading adult movie companies, showcases the talents of porn stars such as Janine, Jenna Jameson, Chasey Lain, Christy Canyon and Kobe Tai, among the hundreds of others Vivid represents.

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Vivid Amateurs

Intro promises:
Vivid Amateurs wants you to know they’re still searching for high-quality adult models. And thank goodness for that. Because, the world could always use more porn. Especially if it comes from a credible company. Now, I don’t know about any of you out there, but Jenna, Janine and a host of other Vivid girls have made names for themselves, so the idea behind Vivid Amateurs has to be a good one.

The site, filled with photo sets of non-Vivid girls like Teens, Beauties, Solo, Couples, Lesbians, Group Sex, Black and Auditions, also has photo sets of each Vivid girl (see above list for who’s available). There are hundreds of photos, some with better quality than others; but, with the selection available, members won’t be disappointed. The videos, all streaming, take a while to load, pending on the size of the file you wish to view. Members are able to watch the entire video, whether it’s the few non-Vivid girl ones like Lube Job or the Vivid girl’s full-length movie(s), which are found in adult video stores and possibly your neighbor’s basement. That’s right, members can watch Tawny Roberts’ entire collection on their computer from start to buffering finish. Talk about coming and then going. Each Vivid girl comes with hardcore and softcore pics as well as their bio, stats and movie information. For example, did you know Janine was once married to car enthusiast Jesse James?

The rest of the site has Live Chats, Extras (games, ezines, downloads, ecards), access to Vivid and regular updates for both non-Vivid and Vivid girls. For Vivid Amateurs as a whole, however, it looks like the site pushes the Vivid girls more, possibly for the purpose of comparing what makes a Vivid girl and who’s trying to become one. I gave the site a 5 rating because members are granted so much content and so many adult models, content and models that could go searched on an Internet search engine for hours. Not that I would know anything about that. The price the site is asking for saves members time by putting it all on the site. I mean, if you watch just five or so full-length movies, the membership takes care of itself. And plus, won’t you feel better knowing that you’re contributing to a Vivid amateur’s dream of becoming a Vivid girl?

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