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Vivid Man

Vivid Man

Review date: 24-Oct-2017 08:02. I get the feeling that Vivid doesn’t pour a whole a lot of money into their gay division. While the company’s main site, Vivid, is a dazzling interactive porno experience with images of stars like Jenna Jameson and Tera Patrick splashed across every page, Vivid Man is a no-frills affair. All you’ll find are movie clips and photo galleries which seem paltry compared to the live chats, porn-star profiles and other extras on Vivid.

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Vivid Man

Intro promises:
Its simple layout and corny desktop wallpaper look make the site seem cheap, and the closest thing I could find to a superstar cameo comparable to The Jenna is a tiny gallery featuring the mouth-watering Ken Ryker. But once you get past comparing Vivid Man to its big sister site, it’s actually not half bad. I mean, on one site you have access to a large selection of Vivid’s gay movies. Not just clips, the whole movie. Some might seem a little dated – check out how young Will Clarke looks in "Snafu” and “The Uninvited” – but the hot bods and stiff cocks make up for it. You won’t want to miss “What Things May Come,” featuring burly bad boy Eduardo in a steamy three-way shower scene.

The site’s photo galleries are arranged into categories; you can search for your smut by porn star, movie title or category. There aren’t many big names in the porn star section, but these nobodies sure do have hot bodies. The well-aged Trenton Comeaux springs to mind as does Dax Kelley. But it’s hard to pick favorites out of this bunch. There’s not much in the way of twinks. Most of the Vivid guys are muscley, studly types, their bulging biceps and bubble butts mirroring the sculpted silicon perfection of the Vivid girls. Vividman features four specialty mini-pages, each dedicated to a different genre: auto-fellatio, shemales, bisexuals and blue-collar guys. Each page features three or four movies. There are also links to live cam sites like DudeDorm, none of which seem to be particularly active. The idea seems to be that these features will spice things up, adding something other than the Vivid movies. But many of the features leave something to be desired. I got the feeling that content is just sort of thrown onto the site and then left to rot. A lot of links were dead and some of the features didn’t work. The link to the message board produces an “Error 404” message, and on the pages where the bisexual and trans photo galleries should be are logos claiming that the galleries are “coming soon,” although when “soon” might be is anyone’s guess.

I hate to focus on the negative, but I really did expect better of a site from one of the biggest names in the porn industry. It’s unfortunate that, while some Vivid girls are embracing queer fans (look out for Jenna’s collaboration with NakedSword in the near future), Vivid treats the gay market like a redheaded stepchild.

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