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Review date: 4-Aug-2016 16:42. Hardcore porn with the level of cinematography you normally see in Hollywood? Yes, please. VIXEN launches with tons of full length 1080p films that we can’t even call videos or flicks anymore. These are short movies with stories, characters, and breathtaking locations — and plenty of steamy sex, too. Beautifully filmed, mind you. Let’s take a look at this very ambitious and brand new product now.

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Intro promises:
You know these sites with just one word in the name? They are the coolest, aren’t they? If you think about it, it all boils down to the ability of the producing business to purchase a short and therefore expensive domain name. But we’re somewhat kidding. It’s not just about the domain name, of course. We like when sites have class and ambition and quality, and looks like VIXEN is just one of the sites that have all of that. Bringing quality into online porn has been a trend of the past few years. A lot of sites try to add visual quality and meaningfulness. Some even call it women- or couple-friendly porn. We are not sure VIXEN classifies as that. And not that it matters that much, right? What matters is that VIXEN is a glistening new site that just oozes class and quality. Apparently it’s from people who brought us Blacked and Tushy. See that? They pretty much specialize in sites with single-word names. It also means that they have the money and the facilities to create content that is on par with the name. The tour is pretty much mind-blowing. Check out all these insanely great-looking free video trailers. The cinematography is out of control in these ones! You can watch a few of them, but then, we just urge you to get an account and join this extravaganza of high end hardcore erotica.

Oh man. This thing pretty much has everything we like combined. Essentially, VIXEN is a site that is about hardcore sex brought to its most beautiful on-screen form. Be it oral, anal, threesomes or anything else from the mainstream department, VIXEN pushes it to the absolute top of everything artistic and visually gorgeous. Without being too glamorous, the site makes hardcore sex sequences both satisfying and pleasant to look at. The episodes are stories with characters and a plot where a gorgeous young lady seduces a man she really, really wants — or maybe the other way around. That’s not really important. What is important is that these movies are like actual films. Killer locations and landscapes, lovely houses and homes, actual dialog and other things that separate dumb meaningless porn from well-crafted films. Oh, and the girls are so absolutely hot. The camera (and the 1080p videos you can stream or download without any limits) lets you see every little bit of their amazing bodies. And of course when the sex begins, you cannot look away. The level of detail is just thrilling. VIXEN could easily be the site with the best XXX videos we have seen to date. All material is just killer. Check this bad boy out right now and see what we mean when we say that sites with one-word names are usually pretty damn cool.

Sit back and watch the best porn you have ever seen. VIXEN is all about smoking hot young girls who seduce and get seduced in lovely locations and gorgeous homes — and the sex is just mind-blowing. The site is loaded with full length 1080p videos, and you are pretty much just going to drool over every single pixel this place has for you. Check VIXEN out right now and download away, this is one of the can’t-miss sites of this year!

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