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VR Hush

VR Hush

Review date: 28-Feb-2017 07:13. Is virtual reality porn still a big deal? Yes, it kinda is. Especially when you release really top shelf material compatible with all modern devices and also available in 4K resolution. VR Hush here is a perfect example of that. Young porn babes, interesting, captivating action, and complete immersion with 4K resolution virtual reality videos. Let’s give it a try, shall we.

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    22.3 of 25
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    20.5 of 25
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    17.4 of 20
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    8.1 of 10
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    17.8 of 20

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VR Hush

Intro promises:
Is that virtual reality porn trend still happening? We think it is. Matter of fact, we think VR porn is only getting bigger. It was new last year, but looks like 2017 will be the year when it will start blossoming to its full glory. More and more people get these virtual reality devices, and the industry of VR content is growing by day. Not just the adult part of it, mainstream, too. So we’re on the brink of something even bigger than what we have now! These days, the selection of sites with XXX VR content is impressive already. Some of them are pretty damn awesome. The minute we saw the free tour of VR Hush, that’s how we felt about it. The site boasts an elegant, expensive-looking design with a lot of gimmicks, and the content seems to not be lagging behind either. Just look how lavish and luxurious all this shit it. Didn’t you dream about being able to end up at a glamorous porn set with world’s highest class porn babes ready to gag on your rock hard cock — and more? Looks like VR Hush is here to provide exactly this kind of experience. Don’t get too stuck in the preview area, even though yes, we know it’s hard. Something else should be hard and it should be in your hand at the moment! Oh, and remember to get your VR device ready, too. You’ll need it.

If you don’t have a VR device just yet, we’re sort of jealous. You are just about to discover what an amazing world that is. Literally. And also they release new models of these quite often. VR Hush seems to be compatible with quite a few. Yes, this weird cardboard thing that you attach to your smartphone is also here. But that sort of is not the real deal. The real deal are all devices VR Hush is compatible with. You know, like Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift (of course), even PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. Bitch, that could be the largest list of supported devices we ever saw on a site like this. Seriously, the content here is just mind-blowing. Not only all these devices are supported, but you also get to enjoy binaural sound, 360 degree freedom, and hey, if you were thinking they sacrificed actual quality and detail for making it more virtual reality like — you’re wrong. 4K ultra high definition, this is what we are talking about here. In terms of content, VR Hush your classic high budget hardcore porn with beautiful performers, expensive locations, and stories that are realistic — but not too realistic, you know what we mean. This is state of the art stuff, and the fact that top shelf porn is finally blending with VR is something everybody should be happy about.

Don’t miss out on what could be the next big thing in VR porn. Which is the next big thing in itself, by the way. VR Hush has everything you can expect, state of the art production, porn babes you just know you want to fuck, and exciting stories of hardcore lust that are hard to look away from. High budget porn and virtual reality technology are finally together. And we are not letting you miss out on that. See VR Hush right now!

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