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Watch 4 Beauty

Watch 4 Beauty

Review date: 26-Oct-2017 08:05. In keeping with the tradition of greats like PureBeautyMag and UberBelle, Watch 4 Beauty is a site all about capturing the elegant essence of the female form in film and photos. Ladies, how I love thee. The front page in the member's area shows you the cover of the latest "issue." It's entirely Web-driven, but they do sort of publish a magazine in the form of their PDF compilations.

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Watch 4 Beauty

Intro promises:
They recently celebrated 100 issues, so you know there's plenty to dig into once you're in. The site makes it a breeze to skim through the archives by just pictures, video, by model, or the issues (chronologically). The only minor quibble here is that sometimes the links appear simply as bold text in the middle of a quip, the same color as the rest of the text, so these links are not immediately obvious until you hover over them with the mouse. Still, once you get used to that, finding your way around shouldn't be any problem since the site uses consistent page layouts for the different kinds of content.

The pictures are the primary focus here, but the videos deserve a look for sure. There are only a handful of clips, available in WMV or MOV format, in three different resolutions/file sizes. But, what's here is very pleasing to the eye. It's also very DECENT. These girls hardly acknowledge their genitalia, let alone play with it. Don't come here looking for a masturbation or dildo site. You won't go home happy. Come here to watch gorgeous women like Marketa Belonoha and Kyla Cole strip off what little they've got on and pose for you, showing you every inch of their incredibly sexy bodies in an unusually tasteful way. Watch these beauties bathe, stretch out and strut their stuff all for you. And, try not to faint. Like the videos, the pictures are available in a number of sizes and formats. They can be viewed as an online slideshow or downloaded as either a PDF "magazine" or a Zip archive of just the images. Any of these can be sorted by resolutions ranging from 600px up to 2000px some even go as high as 5000px. Want to see a boob bigger than your screen? I also experienced no limits on concurrent downloads, speed or how much I could download. Some sites out there have implemented daily or weekly bandwidth quotas, but not here. The site design and layout feels very contemporary, too. It's sleek, using transparency effects and other pop-in effects that are a lot more subtle and pleasing than the typical pop-up window. Nicely done.

All in all, I give this site a solid recommendation. They may not have quite as much content as some other sites that have been around for years, but they're gaining ground everyday and have some of the best stuff out there. Log in and sate your jones for beautiful nude women today.

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