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Watching My Daughter Go Black

Watching My Daughter Go Black

Review date: 13-Sep-2010 20:19. Did you know many bored white girls from Suburbia are crazy about a foot-long black schlong? Even if you did, well, their fathers did not! They would hate to see their dear white girls get off with a horse hung black dude, but hey, this is exactly what they do here. Watching My Daughter Go Black is a new and already cool interracial teen porn site with a fresh twist.

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Watching My Daughter Go Black

Intro promises:
If you were a prejudiced white father, would it piss you off if your dear daughter was a black cock whore? Hell, you would go mad! Especially if, for instance, you took your dear girl to some sort of counselor or analyst hoping to straighten things out, only to see her dicked with some raw black beef right in the room. This is exactly what Watching My Daughter Go Black is all about. The site tells some pretty nasty stories of teenage black cock addiction, from the point of view of the young dirty girls, and always involving their angry fathers. Many of them end with some sort of group therapy which is basically about horny, wet white girls getting their holes sore from throbbing black dicks, while their dads are crying huge tears. Eat this, you backward fuck! The site has a funny attitude, not to mention it features massive amounts of no holds barred interracial fucking. The girls are always quite a bit crazy, and the black dudes just never stop pounding the white crap outta them. The tour area is bright, colorful and ultimately catchy. It features a nice amount of video trailers with preview vids coming with many, if not all episodes. In fact, you get quite a bit of information already with the tours. They let you see the girls, how many episodes each of them has, what’s the story of her and her dad’s experience with black cock, and finally, how it all went for her when some large black cock got around her at last.

You don’t even know what excites you the most about the entire thing. Maybe it’s the young, tight, fresh-looking, totally insane white girls who impale themselves on fat black dick till it hurts and don’t stop even then. Maybe it’s the huge, horse-hung black guys who like to bury their dark pork swords in those tiny white throats and slits. And even maybe, it’s all about the tension between the rule-breaking girl and her conservative father which finally gets to its peak when the chick gets nailed for him to see every damn thing. All the videos here really feature dads and the poor fools have to sit through the entire scene. Boy, a lot happens during a scene here! If you imagine how anguished the dads get, well, think again, because it’s even worse for them. The site is new and growing with a bit over 20 episodes there now. All in all it seems like a trustworthy product, so you may be sure you will get fresh stuff regularly. The videos are filmed in native HD so whichever viewing option you choose, you see every cell of these tight white teen bodies enjoying the all-out black cock orgy, and every cell of the unfortunate dads hating every second of it. They see me nailin, they hatin! The site makes interracial teen porn, something you may already be familiar with, take an entirely new twist. It’s not only about the dads, but it’s also about the great visual quality, the highly special action going on, and maybe also the genuine passion the silly teen sluts have for raw black dick.

Fathers go mad, daughters go wet, and black cocks go boom with sticky explosions. Watching My Daughter Go Black is a modern and thrilling site which adds lots of flavor to the interracial teen porn you may already know and love. Man, these HD videos are just pure unbelievable! There’s so much room for imagination here. With so much black cock chemistry and so much family feud going on, you won’t know when to squirt when black cock lust takes control.

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