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WD Girls

WD Girls

Review date: 4-Mar-2014 14:08. Drunk girls just can’t leave you indifferent. Some love them, some hate them, but really, everybody pays attention. WD Girls is a very original new site which features real next door European hotties getting real shitfaced. You’ll see them drink, fool around, puke, play with other girls, pee outdoors, masturbate, well, you know, you’ll see them being a real mess. And you’ll love it!

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WD Girls

Intro promises:
Drunk fetish, this scene has been quiet for a while, don’t you think? Apparently big corporations won’t process payments for sites with drunk sex, so things have been sort of still for a while already. But only until we found out about WD Girls! This site features no actual sex with penetration, maybe that’s why it’s around. But instead, there’s a lot more here. WD Girls is all about salt of the earth European hotties who enjoy drinking a lot – but don’t really handle their booze very well. The tour has all the details you may need, and also we should say, it’s quite a rocking tour. In a nutshell, the site is about girls who are filmed reality style as they drink, become wasted, fool around, puke, piss, spit, try to seduce other girls, expose their goodies and eventually pass out. Nothing is staged here, it’s Europe, baby, and this shit is for real. Once again, this has to be one of the best tours we have ever seen. Really nice-looking, well-structured, full of details, having a personalized voice, offering content details and update schedule, it just can’t but lure you inside in the end. Let us reiterate this for you once again - WD Girls features real girls, real booze, and real erratic (but so cute) behavior of these young hotties when the sauce does its job. If you’re ready to start the party, well, let’s fucking go!

It’s amazing how barely anything happens in a particular niche and then bam, you have a superior and very original site like WD Girls. Seriously, if you have a weak spot for wasted girls, you will totally love it. In fact, you should love it already, with all the free video promos and trailers in the tour. Inside, it only gets better. The site has full length HD videos and galleries of screencaps all bundled together. Some episodes feature one girl while others feature two. The girls are mostly these naturally cute Europeans you’ll see in the streets if you take a trip to the Old World. The combination of this reality style shooting and utmost realness is just amazing. The camera flies around as the girls down one shot after another. They laugh, they get mad without any reason, they display every sign of drunk behavior. Just because they are drunk! And who knows what’s on her mind while she’s plastered like this. Masturbating? Taking a leak in the winter park? Touching her friend’s pussy? Vomiting? Having a cigarette? All of the above? WD Girls is as natural and real as it gets. The site has a solid member community and all the features you may need for the ultimate experience. If you have been looking for a decent drunk fetish site to check out, look no further, it’s right here.

WD Girls is an original, content-packed, goddamn fucking awesome site dedicated to real drunk European chicks who – duh – behave like real drunk European chicks. Watch them grab the bottle and just become a totally different person, a wild crazy slut doing some sexy random shit until she passes out. This very special site should have a cult following by now. The member area is really great, and the content is highly unique and comes in fantastic quality. A terrific find!

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