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We Are Hairy

We Are Hairy

Review date: 21-Aug-2012 05:47. God gave women hair in very special areas of their delightful bodies, and who we are to deny that? We Are Hairy is a great and very user-friendly site which lets you celebrate all, and we do mean all your fantasies related to female hairiness. There are around 500 exclusive video episodes and about three times as much photo galleries – a real can’t-miss!

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We Are Hairy

Intro promises:
Don’t you hate all the hairless dogma of today? We mean, heck, women were created with hair on their bodies, and this hair can in fact be part of a very intense erotic experience. There are many options and choices here, from a trimmed stripe of pubic hair to a full bush down south, hairy armpits, arms, legs and what not. Whether you are just curious or are a spoiled, long-term, perverted hair addict, we got something for you here which may as well be your ultimate choice in hair-themed erotica. We Are Hairy is a great site which was in fact launched some time ago, but still we felt such a terrific product in a very special niche to which we are not impartial deserves our attention. Start your We Are Hairy experience with the site’s tour area. Gee, this is so big we are not sure it can be even called a tour! We Are Hairy offers outstanding preview opportunities with all of the site’s goodies teasingly revealed – well, not wholly, but you know, enough to get you very interested! The layout is very content-centered, with plentiful picture and video samples, along with categories, site features and just literally tons of other info. Hey, hairy girl fan, looks like you’re in the right place! Just don’t get lost, there’s a lot more awaiting you inside, and in better quality.

Oh boy! We Are Hairy is just awesome, we can give you that right away. The site’s main areas are pictures, videos, and models, with a bunch of extra sections to improve and simplify your user experience. Navigation is easy with the site’s tube-like layout which really lets you jump easily between episodes, categories, girls and everything else this great site has to offer. As for the videos, there are around 500 of them at the moment, with an average duration somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes. You can watch the movies online or download the 720p MP4 or WMV versions. No DRM here, and mobile versions are also available. As for the pics, there are more of them, around 1,500 or so. With around 200 pictures per set, the site has more pictures right now than the vids, but we hope this will change soon. We Are Hairy offers video and photo shoots centered around hot, hairy girls playing with themselves, stripping, toying their dripping hairy slits and what not. The categories and the tags really help you make the most. Like armpit hair? Chubby hirsute girls? Hairy nipples, perhaps? Tattoos on hairy girls? Really, they got anything you can think of covered. And hey, there are over 200 sexy, hairy, free-spirited, self-loving girls here!

We Are Hairy is pretty much the best site you can choose if you like softcore hairy erotica with a great choice of girls and special bits and fetishes. The site offers a lot of video and photo content. Many of the movies are in HD and all of them are downloadable. You will definitely enjoy the site’s well-built member area packed with interactivity and social features. The site is not just a faceless bunch of random content, it’s a growing community of hairy girl worshippers. No matter what’s your fantasy, you’ll find a girl to fulfill it right here.

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