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We Fuck Babysitters

We Fuck Babysitters

Review date: 5-Nov-2017 07:23. The clich' of dads lusting after young babysitters or other household help has been around as long as the profession existed.' It's no surprise that there's porn out there to reflect this fantasy that few fathers ever dare entertain.' If you're new to this slant of erotica, We Fuck Babysitters is a good a place to start. Why, you ask?'

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We Fuck Babysitters

Intro promises:
The site operators make a few promises up front, like no download limits, bandwidth caps, DRM, and free access to other network sites included.' The first two items in that list come in handy, as between medium, high, and HD quality video, you're going to need some serious bandwidth to grab these flicks, ranging from about 250MB to 1.2GB apiece.' Having no DRM is nice, though it is more typical these days not to have it anyway.' And yes, your login here gains you access to the four other sites in the network.' They seem geared toward more specific interest groups, but they share the same layout and attention to detail as WeFuckBabysitters.

Speaking of layout, it took a minute to get my bearings, but while it looks like there's a metric ton of content on the front page, the thumbnail previews that run several pages deep aren't quite as varied as they seem.' There is an update every day, with future updates dated ' at nice touch ' but day one will be photos, day two will be screenshots, and day three will be the actual video.' That is, if there even is a video.' The majority of scenes sport images only, with 15 or so actual exclusive videos to the site's credit.' Granted, it's padded with at least as many more DVD-extracted videos on the same theme, but don't be misled by the packed-to-the-gills front page.' It's part video, yes, but not nearly all. The DVD extracts also lack the different resolution options of the exclusive content, making me long for more original scenes.' DVD runs at 512x384, while unique videos can be Full HD (1920x1080), Hi Quality (960x540), Mid Quality (640x360).' Everything runs in Windows Media format, and you can download them in parts or the entire flick at once. The original content here begins with some cheeky music and a narration describing what's going on, and continues usually a couple minutes into things, but dies off just as the real action starts heating up.' It's mostly blowjobs, oral, and straight intercourse in a range of locations (bedrooms, kitchens, bathtubs, school busses).' Anal makes an appearance here and there, including one scene on a bus where the teacher goes for the back door, but she just can't handle it, starts yelping and recoiling, and they have to cut away quickly, splicing back into some looped vaginal footage, never to revisit that effort again. The photos on the site are available in galleries or Zip archives, featuring a lot more bonus photos than anything else.' Videos typically have a corresponding set of photos, though the opposite isn't always the case.' Zip archives are available at 1024x683 and 2048x1365, offering something to please any screen size.

All in all, it's a pretty good site.' The navigation and presentation of content can be a little odd at first, but once you figure things out, you'll have what you want ready for viewing.' The setups aren't always specifically related to babysitting, but the girls are young and fresh, and when the parents or other authority figures arrive on the scene (always just post climax), everybody scatters.' Predictable, formulaic, but still manages to be fresh and fun.' Pricing is a little above average, but it thoroughly scratches that itch to see late teen dolls getting their screw on.

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